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    How the animals survive even after falling from great heights ?

    I was just watching a video in which a multistoried building caught fire on the top floor, while the people are being rescued by the emergency team. a cat was seen jumping from the top floor, probably sensing the danger to its life and luckily nothing happened. Even in animal videos I have seen many animals taking risk of jumping from high places especially the monkey jump and leap from one tall tree to another and even it slips, it never get injured. Probably the animals have the great boon of survival from the God. Any reactions ?
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    Cats land on their feet when they jump. Their vestibular system will sense and tell the cat when it is not in the right position. The brain of the cat triggers the cat to rotate in mid-air and see that its feet land first. Cats are agile and flexible. That will help in avoiding landing on their head or back.
    When a cat lands on its feet, its joints will absorb the shock that will be there while landing. When the cats jump from higher heights or fall from higher heights the chances of injury are fewer than when they jump from lower heights. When they fall from higher heights the time they take will be more for landing than from lower heights. That will give them sufficient time to rotate their body and come to the correct position so that they will stand on their feet. But there is no rule that every time they will be safe. Sometimes when they jump from lower heights they will get injured and limp for some time.

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    Yes, it is true, God has given enough body structure and wisdom to all to protect themselves. As far as cats are concerned, cats naturally find out immediately how they can balance by keeping their feet down. The cat does not get hurt because the cat never falls on its back and hence it always gives all its balance on foot. Apart from this, we have also seen that cats fold their body in any way, and their bodies are very soft and flexible. The tail is also helpful in creating equilibrium when the cat falls. In some places, there is also a belief that the cat threat is already detected and alert through vibrations, and that any animal that is already alert will have less damage in any of its accidents.

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    Several studies have been conducted on this issue how animals like cats, monkeys etc land on the ground safely without getting injured. But it is not with every cat or every money. Some cats have fallen from 32nd story and survived after minor injuries but some cats could not survive after falling from 5th floor. However, in comparison with most of other animals and human also cats and monkeys have better chances of survival. Perhoas they have innate qualities .

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    All the animals are not capable of jumping and safe falling. It is only some cats and other animals having soft cushions in their paws which can land safely after that big fall. Another thing is that the weight of the animal also counts. If the weight is on higher side then chances of getting hurt are increased. Some animals have a very strong power of clinging to the walls and railings and they fall down in parts from one support to other and safely land at the end from a low height and are not hurt. Some animals can manoeuvre themselves in the air and rotate in a favourable side to land on paws.
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