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    How were they and how are we?

    I read this. During World War II, the British Prime Minister Winson Churchil requested his countrymen not to consume eggs, but to supply them to the British soldiers fighting the war to have a healthy diet. Next day, in the market, people were seen in queues in front of the shops. For what? To buy eggs with a fear that it would go out of stock. NO. All those who were on the queues were carrying their egg stocks to return to the shops to forward to the Military camps. That's what was the attitude of the British.

    But look at Indians in India. They are trying to loot the public on the name of COVID to provide beds and oxygen after taking bribe from the suffering patients.

    How were they and how are we!
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    Some people are very self-centred in India. Whatever chance comes they don't want to leave it without getting some personal benefits. I read somewhere, in some private hospitals some people are getting admitted with fack positive certificate and when a person who is desperately trying for a bed is being offered that bed for a price. They can get Corona positive and negative test certificates very easily.
    But we can't say 100% of people are like this. Some people are sacrificing at this crucial juncture. An old man aged above 80 years in Nagpur offered his bed to a young man who is suffering from Corona and the old man died after three days from the day he came out of the hospital.
    In society, we see both types of people. The only percentage may vary. Not only in our country but also in other countries also the same situation may prevail. But in our country, more people are of the first type. Anyhow, we have to keep going.

    always confident

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    Appreciate the author for bringing the traits of those days with which people lived elsewhere in the world and for them what the leader said is the red alert and they have to follow. But in India the opposition is playing spoilsport in every matter. See how the farm laws which was implemented with full consent of the opposition in Parliament and afterwards they fail to cooperate with the government, the end result, the court has to intervene and the stir died. This is what happens in India. The opposition never appreciated nor cooperated with the ruling govt. Take example of DMK coming to power. Having got into power mode for first time , Stalin should go for credibility factor from day one and instead want to dig the death mystery of Dr Jayalalithaa and thus he would wasting time of no issue. This way Indians known for wasting time rather standing for the cause.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has shared a very emotional thread, how ironic it really is that even in such difficult times, people are thinking not only about humanity but about filling their pockets. When a member of a family is suffering in front of them, then other people of the family make every effort so that their suffering can be overcome and in such a situation many times people also trust such cheaters. But it is not understood that there is neither the fear of God nor the glimpse of emotions that can be seen in such traitors. The sad thing is that due to these deceptions of such evil and mean people, the trust of human beings is diminishing even with goodness.
    We accept that there was a time when Indians also do not think about their lives if it's about country or self-dignity or humanity, but now very few people are there who actually want to help others. No problem if you are not able to help anyone that is ok, but at least don't create more problems for others during this difficult time.

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    According to a report published in Indian Express in 1965 India was embroiled in war with Pakistan and the country was facing acute food shortage. There was added pressure with the United States threatening to cut supplies. Faced with the crisis, Lal Bahadur Shastri announced to his family one evening that for the next few days they would all give up on their evening meal. Kal se ek hafte tak sham ko chulha nahin jalega (From tomorrow we would not cook in the evenings for a week)," he said adding that the kids would get only milk and fruits, while the adults will stay hungry. It is only after he was sure that his own family could survive without a meal a day that he announced on All India Radio, urging the public to sacrifice one meal at least once a week. For the next few weeks, all restaurants and eateries strictly followed the rule.

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