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    Is popularity or public safety big?

    President Joe Biden's statement that recipients of the two-dose vaccine do not need to wear a mask was received with applause by the people of the US. The country that rejects the mask certainly sends the message that the Covid challenge in that area is minimal.

    Is the US free from the Covid challenge? What prompted Biden to drop the masks? Is the Biden administration pursuing Trump's policies that underestimate the virus problem? Is Biden trying to make a name for himself in world history by pretending to have won the Covid war to the applause of the people?
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    I think having done two times vaccines , does not guarantee us from virus of present or future. The vaccines only protect our body to be immune and if we throw the rules to wind and wont wear the mask, then we are inviting the airborne virus into the body which can create havoc even for the vaccinated person. Many of relatives who had the first dose of vaccine has got the virus and those who had the second dose has lost the life. So what I mean to say here that mere vaccine does not guarantee our life for future, and we need to live with precautions and following all set rules time to time.
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    A true leader should give more importance to public safety than his popularity. I think no one will dispute it. But these days many leaders are more interested in becoming popular at the cost of public safety also. Till the world is free from the virus all people irrespective of vaccinated or not should follow all the protocols without any deviation. There is nothing wrong with taking precautions. People say carefulness makes you fearless. So when you are going out and moving in groups it is better to use a mask. Why Biden has made that statement is not known.
    In a country like India, many people are not using masks. Even though they are not vaccinated they are not bothering about the mask. Some people are using masks to cover their beards rather than nose and mouth. If the government says the same statement in India all will give up wearing masks.
    I don't think the US is completely free from Corona. It may not be as severe as it is in our country but not completely free. All citizens should keep this in mind and behave themselves and should follow the precautions whether it is advocated by the government or not.

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    Generally in any country there are two types of decisions taken by the Govt - one is the political decision and other is the scientific decision. In case of US if the decision is scientific then there is no problem and it makes some sense. If the decision is from political angle then it could be to please the people and not to save the people. So the difference is significant and the public of the US should decide what they should do in such a situation. If it appears as a scientific decision they can take liberty of dispensing with mask otherwise it would be advisable to wear one. It is as simple as that but the public should be well aware about these aspects.
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    I don't think Joe Biden will play any stupid game for image building. I think he might have been informed by concerned specialists that taking two doses protects a person from Coronavirus. It is very much possible because this month Wuhan, the epicentre of coronavirus hosted a musical programme in which thousands of people participated. It was a message from china that they are no more in danger.
    When Wuhan can be virus-free then why US can't be virus-free? Or why a person who has been given two doses of vaccine why he can't be protected from the virus?

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    This is strange as how they have taken such a decision. Until a large number of people are vaccinated or the virus is removed completely from our habitat, it is not proper to leave the safety matters and measures. Another problem is that if US does so then many small countries might also get misled and start doing it in their place also. If it is based on some scientific data then only it is a welcome measure.
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