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    Can be the same man inside and outside

    Man is the only being who doing good in front of many and makes sure that no one sees the evil doings. Dangerous are those who arrange actions for the sake of feasibility. There can be a hundred traits within a body. It is their habit to adorn themselves according to the circumstances and the benefits available.

    Being one inside and out is not so easy. No matter how big the idols, the outward beauty may not be there on the inside. Extraordinary self-control is needed to maintain the same morality when everyone sees and no one sees. People with the same behavior and character inside and out may not need to remember what was said or done. But those who behave in different ways have many things to keep in mind. It is essential that the lie once told does not fall apart. Isn't it possible to be open-minded even when we make a mistake? When trying to be holy in front of everyone, how ridiculous it is not to be able to be like himself.
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    It is better if the man is the same inside and outside. But such people will not be accepted by many these days. If you say someone that what he did is a mistake he will never like you. They will try to defend and say that the other person is at fault. That is why many people keep silent.
    There is another type of people, They think about something but never tell the same to others. He will start in a different way and try to deceive the people. This is never a good trait. When we talk truth we need not remember what we talked. But when we talk lies we should remember what we said. Same is the case here also.

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    The author has raised this thread on this topic that a person should have uniformity in all situations. How many people can be of this sort who -inside and outside are the same person. They never wear masks that they've to change their masks according to different situations. These people whose inside and outside are different they are not reliable because it is sheer hypocrisy. Some people have phony aspects of their lives too. When I happened to face this hypocrisy for the first time I was totally.surprised to see all this, so I decided to leave the place at the earliest too.

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    If a person can really do this, then he can make things simple for himself but is it easy to make this happen because the truth is that a person himself learns to be different inside and outside. When children grow up in families, their elders teach them manners and formality, leaving them bad habits; if a child is unable to leave a habit, it is explained to them that they can do it in front of their own but Do not do this behavior in front of outsiders. Gradually, time passes and many times by doing formality, a person also begins to doubt his identity about what basic nature he is actually from inside. Sometimes we are very open with some people and in such a situation we are the same inside and outside because we do not show off with them and play a relationship without any formality. There are very few people who actually behave the same outside as they really from inside.

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    Most of the people are different when it comes to internal and external personality. There could be many reasons for that but it is the truth of the life that such people exist in this world in big numbers. Outwardly they look sober and civil but inside them even a criminal can coexist. These people are dangerous because they can cheat anyone and stab knife in anyones back.
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