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    Any of you have boss like this

    I have worked in a big company having factory, office and 20 branch service centers. I was in personnel department for 23 years. Our head of the department is a post graduate ,holder of law degree and practiced advocate. In the department I was next to him. He gave me chit contains the functions of our department when I joined in this department.He entrusted work with me with full belief and freedom. This made me to serve with interest and dedication. He never have ego in him. He gave me many way and means of handling employees. Even these days we are contacting each other.
    I am really proud of having such a boss in my long span of employment.
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    You were lucky to have such a fine and understanding person as your boss. He seems to be a rare one out of the lot. Generally boss means a person whom people fear and avoid to face often. Many people go to their boss only after ascertaining that he was in a good mood. No one wants to displease the boss by disturbing him or arguing with him. There is a belief that if you do things as per your boss for 364 days in a year but for one day on the 365th day you do not work as per his wishes, he would be angry with you and you lose all your credits accumulated over the year. So one has to be cautious working with ones boss.
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    In Tamil there is a song , "Manaivi Amaivadellam Iraivan kodutha varam " that means getting a good understanding wife is the God obliged gift. Like wise getting a good boss is also a great luck aspect in a person life. We may have good intentions to work, we may more responsible but the great dedication comes when there is cordial and homely atmosphere at the office and by giving sweeping powers the employee feel like bestowed with more rights. Even in my office when many were asked to stay at home during the lock down till 22nd of this month, I was asked to work and deal with customer care at home and all the powers were given to me as I am not only doing the customer satisfaction and most of the problems redressed with work from home facility and thus I also feel my boss understood very well and given me more rights to deal.
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    Having such polite behavior for subordinates only after being in a high position, this quality is found in very few people. Most people get so much importance by coming to the post of the boss, that if any of their friends are also on a smaller post than them, then they do not give them a sense of friendship, only live like a boss. The boss has some limitations so that he can keep his team under control but it is not necessary that the boss will be able to control them by making himself superior to the other members. More power is in coordinating with someone than dominating someone. Employees of bosses who are humble and polite are also happier with them and the performance of the team of such bosses is also found to be relatively good. A person who, despite being in a high position, does not forget that we are always attached to our origin, is more favored by his team.

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    No boss would believe his subordinates and juniors unless he has full confidence in them and for this confidence certain criteria which are entrusted to them they have to undergo satisfactorily. As the author has written about his own experience that his boss had full confidence in him.and he was given full freedom to work. I think all credit goes to the author for this mutual confidence and and understanding.
    Generally, a boss shows autocratic style to control his subordinates and his junior employees. In this working environment employees are in arrayed and test of getting fired for not working properly. But if the boss works as a fatherly figure he gives freedom to all employees but sometimes, this extra freedom to employees is misused by these employees because they begin to take this freedom for granted. I don't think that freedom should be given to employees. If the boss is strict they find themselves strict too.

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    It is very lucky to have such a boss. Generally, many bosses are headstrong and never hear the words of the subordinates and behave as if they know everything.
    I had a very good boss in my first job. After my PhD, I joined a chemical industry as the laboratory manager. My boss was the Technical Director. He was very cooperative and he never used to ignore our suggestions. He used to discuss all the problems and take our suggestions. He never claimed advantage for our works.He used to tell the Managing Director about our works and always used to give credit to us.
    I learned many things from him and used to follow his procedures afterwards.

    always confident

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    What a wonderful depiction of a boss presented by the author in this post. If it is so then it is really a great thing. This seems to be a rare thing in todays world when bosses are busy in making their career and have no patience to talk to subordinates in a polite and comfortable way. While interacting with my friends and relatives generally I found that they talk ill about them as how shabbily they behave and all that.
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    I had a lovely boss in my life. He was just seven years elder to me. He was black, short and fat. He was my boss in three organizations where I served under him. I was his deputy. We used to travel in the same vehicle to our office. During the lunch break, we used to dine together and share our lunch. We had 100 men working under us. During his evening walk, he used to visit my home and say Hello to my family and children. He never got angry and always remained with a smile. He never lost his temper. When he bought a new Maruti 800, he asked me to teach him driving. We were like good friends. Alas! I lost him in the year 2019.
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