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    How much wealth these people want to accumulate?

    We are hearing now and then the news about the people who have made money through corruption or frauds and the amount reported is not in lakhs but in crores and many times it is in hundred of crores. It is really a shameful thing that these people mainly in high positions are caught by the investigating authorities and then are sent to the jail as punishment for their frauds or corruption. If we see from the perspective of a middle class person an amount of money around 1 to 2 crores earned over a period of 35-40 years is sufficient for him to lead a respectable life and take care of his family. Then a question arises what these dishonest people will do with that sort of big money. At the most they may purchase a house in a foreign country or go to exotic places. Then what? That is not the sole purpose of this life. Money is not everything and is not the source of all happiness. Why these people do not understand this and finally make their lives miserable? Please share your views.
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    There is a saying that where there is a slope and ditch the water would accumulate there. Likewise money gets money and money produces more money. Having known this secret those who are rich, those who have high connections with high people do get benefited and they keep on accumulating but what for they are running for money is not known. Only last week there is a plywood shop opposite my office which was owned and run by Marwadi family members. The elder person by virtue of his experience in the business and customer also likes him has never takes leave and works all through the week. He has not taken vaccine for fear of some side effects. Suddenly he dead and two of his sons also got the virus and they also dead. Now the shop is closed as none to manage and all the money that accumulated were gone for treatment but no chance.
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    The author has started a discussion on the appropriate subject, the roots of corruption are so deeply rooted in society that it has been difficult to completely end this corruption. The question is quite legitimate, what the hell do these corrupt and bribe people to do with so much money. We can see this in such a way that as the writer has justified 1 to 2 crores for a middle-class person for a normal life, the same money will be much more for a person whose lifetime earning is probably 40 to 50. Only a million. It means that man's craving is such that he gets to expect more as he gets it. Money becomes a very big thing, for example, we see it in many other cases. There can be only one answer and that is longing and never-ending greed. The seed of greed sits in a person's mind, then no one can stop it from growing, but gradually this seed gets converted into a big tree, and then there is no end to it.

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    Money craving never ends and the only source of happiness for such people is to accumulate more and for this, they have not set any limit. Their satisfaction lies only with the swelling of their accumulated funds. They are indulged in such way that ultimately they forget the other sources from where happiness could be derived. You may find that this people follow particular time table without any breach of the same. Now a legitimate question may crop up in your mind in terms of their satisfaction on monetary angle. There is no such element of pleasure. Even their families are deprived of associations particularly the better half's.
    The phase with which we all are passing has taught us very crude fact that there is no certainty of life. Many have lost lives without enjoying the real pleasure of life. People have to redefine the ways now so as to lead the same happily. Let the excess money be shared to the deprived section of the society for their better welfare.

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    I appreciate the thoughts of the author. What we are going to do with the money which is lying in the bank. We even don't know what happened to it after our death. Some may say that want to earn money and pass it on to the next generations so that their next generation will enjoy it.
    One of my relatives earned money by working hard and not spending. He never enjoyed his life. He used to be working all time 24 X 7. When people ask him what he will do with that money, he said that his children will enjoy their lives. He passed away and all his three children got the wealth distributed among themselves. They never cared for money and wasted the money on bad habits and finally, they sold all their lands and houses and when they were in their late 50s, they were on the roads. They struggled a lot during their entire old age. So even though we accumulate money and give it to our children, it is not sure that their children will be happy in their lives.
    But greedy people go for corrupt practices and accumulate wealth and finally suffer from some health problems. Once we make sure that our children are settled in their lives well we need not pass on any assets to them. If we earn for our life that is sufficient. But how many these days accept this?

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    I think everybody wants to earn money and nobody would say Sorry, I have enough money and I don't want the money anymore.

    The author has written about employees who are holding high positions are earning crores of rupees. I think the author should see this issue with magnification. If a person is offered a seat for contesting the election by paying 400 crores rupees, now we can imagine if the person gives four hundred crores for merely contesting elections and there is no guarantee to win the election also, however, most probably he would win elections but one per cent possibility of losing seat can't be denied, now think how much money this man will earn after becoming a member of parliament. Now we can imagine how much money these ministers are earning?
    How much money a person can earn as an employee? Nothing if compared to politicians.
    Actually, some people are stupid. If their favourites leaders are blamed for earning money by illegal means these stupid followers will begin to defend them.?

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    Yes, except reputed business personnel there are many corrupt people's who are earning such money by looting the common people and country. They doesn't know the value of money and wealth. They just want it by any means. In many times they also buy the administration also for money or life threat. If you look in the society you can see such people in your place also but you can nothing do against them . Only government can take action if they think fit. Hence we all knows what action should be taken against those activities but govt doesn't know. When govt will know these can be reduced. Thank for such a good topic.
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    The menace of corruption starts from top only and then the people below also learn it and then it stays there for a long time.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Greed is the main cause of corruption and once people start earning from wrong means then there is no end to it. We are hearing of thousands of crores of Rupee scams day in and day out in our country. Who is doing it and how it is possible to do that at such a large scale, this is the question all of us to ponder and why Govt is not able to catch these thieves and send them to the jail.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I am also surprising to see this nowadays as this habit is increasing day by day. In one speech a speaker told, in this covid period many ladies wearing nighties and house dress, male persons wearing only casual bermudas, dhoties and it is to surprise what is the usage of almirahfull dresses?. Really this question puzzling us. But in spite of this, by seeing deaths by corona continuously no accumulation of wealth is got shrinked?

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