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    Focus on a single task for better results

    When our mind runs in too many directions, it cannot accomplish anything well. And the person himself gets so upset with these half-finished tasks that many times his mind gets out of his control. Often, when you carry the burden of a lot of tasks, you are not able to complete even a single task in a systemic manner. You soon lose your time and energy and more importantly the control over your behaviour. If you limit your actions and organize your thoughts, you will be unlikely to waste your energy and you will be able to achieve greater success in the work you do. Balance your thoughts and actions, this is the formula of worldly success.
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    The author has made normal appeal to focus on single task to have the end result. But I fear our daily life is always accompanied with multi tasks and series of tasks and in that case we cannot waste time on one task to achieve the same. By the if the task was already accomplished and again come back to us by virtue of our cracking the answer previosouly, it is prudent to attempt such task first. Some times among the tasks are given, some are time bound and need to be given priorities over others, and we have to give our first acion. Some tasks are repeated one and in the past also no body could crack it or solve it and we may keep such task in abeyance and whenever we are free we can give a thought to it. What I feel the we should not keep the task pending whether big or small , as we get it we have to attend the same and finish it. What is your go in this case ?
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    That depends on the intensity of the task and the calibre of the individual. These days competition is very high and everywhere we see many people running for the available limited opportunities. So we should be fast enough to grab the chances and we should be able to complete the tasks well in time. So sometimes we may have to attempt multiple tasks. We can't wait for the one on hand to get completed.
    At the same time, if you go for many tasks at a time, you may not be successful. So you have to evaluate yourself and decide on what to accept and when to accept. We may take multiple tasks by spacing them properly so that we will pay our full attention to each task when it is essential. This model is similar to a lady cooking multiple items at a time in the kitchen.
    We should not be over-ambitious to take up more works than we can handle at a time. This is the key to the success of the individual.

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    Rarely some people are with God-given or innate multitasking ability. such people can focus on tasks more than one. Therefore, others who focus on only one task at a time get the full effect of its maximum. You can't focus on everything at the same time because you are busy with different things at the same time. The journey to perfection can be difficult because of the mental tension that arises when many things are done together at the same time. So while it may be possible to get everything done, the chances of getting the perfection each of them deserves are very slim. Therefore, those who are not fully aware of their multitasking ability should fully immerse themselves in any one task at a time. Only touch something new when the first is completed.
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    If the task is small and easy it is natural to complete it with ease and a little bit of focus. For relatively bigger tasks not only focus is required but some lateral thinking and planning is also required. Today we are living in an era of multitasking and every individual is supposed to have so many skill sets in his kitty to perform various types of jobs. That compels us to think to take up jobs simultaneously and they can be mutually connected and dependent on each other or are the micro parts of the main task. Many experts are advising to break the bigger tasks in smaller parts in such a fashion that the sequence of attending and solving the problems finally brings an efficient way of getting the desired result.
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    I agree with the author that we should focus on a work at a time. if we start working on several projects probably we will not be able to achieve success in all projects. However, some people who have extraordinary talent can handle more than one work simultaneously.
    But it is always preferred that we should always focus our mind on one work only. If we open several projects or works simultaneously our mind will be distracted.
    One great scholar would often say that we should not order our servants to do more than one work at a time. They can't work properly if they are given unnecessary burden of several works on their mind. He would suggest people how many works they have to get done by their servants they should keep in their mind and should tell their servants to get them done one by one. It they can't keep the burden to remember works in their mind then they should ask their servants to note down somewhere and they should perform all of them one by one.

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    Whether a task is big or small, tough or easy, in all the cases focus and concentration are the prerequisites for its success. Without going through the minute details and without keeping attention to it throughout its execution is the main reason for failures.
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