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    The behaviour of the shopkeeper matters a lot.

    Often when we go to the market, we buy any Item by searching many shops and sometimes the situation Is that we have been the whole market, but did not found to our the item as per choice, but at the same time along with our need, the behavior of the shopkeeper also matters a lot. Some shopkeepers become irritated very quickly and start talking rudely, there are others who talk to us civilly while we are watching the goods, but behave badly if we do not buy anything and these shopkeepers behave so well to you, only if you buy from them. I can understand that a shopkeeper is also a human being and he can also get angry but just like every job or business has some need, similarly, a shopkeeper must have the qualities of politeness and patience, only then he can become a good businessman.
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    Agreeing to the author. As far as my personal experience is concerned, I would always prefer the shopkeepers who have been good to me than those who aft irritated. The whole fact of being a shopkeeper is to serve others, and if the shopkeeper acts irritated or misbehave with the customers, that is definitely a turn off for the customers. So the behaviour of the shopkeeper matters a lot.
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    The shop keeper is expected to have good common sense while dealing with the customers. They should realise that the customers are their source of earnings and loosing patience in dealing with them would pay them heavily. The customers are on the look out for the quality products no doubt but at the same, the shopkeepers should give an ear to their demands and complaints. With a little tact, customer's pool can be enhanced to their benefits. Good behaviour costs you nothing but pays you to a handsome dividend.

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    Every shop keeper comes across scores of customer from morning till evening. Some customer may be sober, some may be irritating, some may be nagging, some may be volatile, and having seen such type of behavior every day the shopkeeper also gets irritated even at the good customer. The other day I had been to a shop and there were already two customers to whom he was attending. I was patiently waiting for turn. Then came a women addressing the shop keeper by name and said hello, and she started ordering the groceries and he has started packing them unmindlful of my presence. Slowly I started leaving as I thought I wasted time here. Immediately he came running and asked why I was going away. I said she may be your premium customer and knows you by name and we are nothing to you, so I am going to such a shop whom I can addres by name and get the things quickly not standing in the queue.
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    Good behaviour of the businessmen attract customers. If the shopkeeper is rude or short-tempered or start making faces or show signs of annoyance customer will avoid that shopkeeper and will go any other shop. This is one aspect of this matter but the other aspect is the customer who is a headache to the shopkeeper. It is not he but she who irritates a shopkeeper. She gets opened up the whole shop and buys only a single item and sometimes, she buys nothing and expects the shopkeeper should not say a single word to her.?
    These female customers are headache to him. I have seen this nuisance of these female customers how they irritate poor shoppers.
    I appreciate these shopkeepers who don't show their anger and tolerate these customers for the sake of business deal. But one thing is sure that these shopkeepers tell the rate very high to ladies because they know the level of their bargaining.
    My wife does bargaining before purchasing anything from sellers at the door or at shop even I feel annoyance at her bargaining.

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    A person who does the work of a sales boy or sales girl should have a lot of patience. They should be very smooth with the customers and react properly. The buyers will be happy with such people and try to go to that outlet only for their needs.
    When we go ask for an item a good shopkeeper will never say no. But he suggested an alternative to the item we asked for but never be ready to lose the customer. So shopkeepers try to show everything they have so that you will like something from that. They can make good sales. But some will not have that much patience and they will not show some items thinking that we will not like them. In that bargain, there are chances for them to lose the customers.
    For some items, after-sales service also makes the difference. That is why some companies keep separate force for this after-sale service and see that no customer will be unhappy with their products and services.

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    Shopkeepers should control their patience towards customers. In Madurai and surrounding areas, no vendors says,'Not available' but instead they like to say,'try in the next shop'. Similarly in our area in Chennai, a muslim family owned grocery shop is there. They normally have all items and they never told negatively when approach. One day my wife asked me to get some cow-gram (Karamani in Tamil) seeds for a function falls two days later. I told her that will be available in that shop as everything would be available there. Evening I went there with my wife to buy that and some more items, The shop person told after giving all items we asked that the karamani would be given on the next day. By seeing shrinked face of my wife the shop person told,'Mami do not worry the festival only day after tomorrow, tomorrow you will be getting the same definitely'. My wife astonished about his awareness that what for we need the item.

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    The shopkeepers are generally calm and want to sell the products to the maximum with delighting those who come to his shop. But we must understand that they are also human, with a family. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that their mental state will always be calm. When the home is in a need of more money, and most of the people who come to buy things go back without buying them, sometimes the reaction may not be calm. (But as a consumer, we do not have to buy from such people.) However, a normal shop owner will only treat visitors with the utmost courtesy. My experience is the majority of shopkeepers are being hated by the staff if they do not pleasantly attend to those who come to buy. Shopkeepers are not ignorant of their mission. They also know full well that their needs will only be met if a trade takes place.
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