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    Opposition leaders should mend their words

    Opposition leaders, especially the head of the strong opposition parties who are likely to come back to power either in the states or in the centre, should be very careful with their words. They should think well before asking the ruling government to do something.

    Why I say this. In Tamilnadu, while the AIADMK was ruling, the major rival DMK party leader Mr Stalin said, "The family of people dying due to corona should be compensated with a sum of Rs. One crore." And also said that the sum of Rs. 2000/- given to the ration card holders is not sufficient, and it should be Rs. 5000/- to each ration card holder.

    Now the leader has been caught. The opposition AIADMK/BJP leaders are asking Mr. Stalin to provide One crore to the Corona affected family and Rs. 5000/- to the ration card holders.

    Will Mr. Stalin meet the demand proposed by himself?
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    Blaming the ruling party for anything is a routine task of the opposition party in most states. It is only when the governance is in hand that one realizes the difficulty of doing so. The winning party will do the same as the previous party again. The Stalin government did a few things in order to get some first impression. It is not practiced that every ration cardholder can be given Rs 5000/- and the Corona family Rs 1 crore. These types of promises can only be said by a party in opposition.
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    Opposition parties raise unnecessary objection and question about ruling party. It is A common trend and practice in politics. The author has raised a question about DMK when they were in opposition they would demand of special favour for people but they are in power but they are not giving same favour to people.
    It is very common in politics and it is not confined to DMK only. It is applied to all parties regardless of their ideology, election manifestos. When they are reminded, their spokesperson reply that they were in opposition then, now they are in ruling. All these political parties throw Jumla and people are happy to their Jumlas. Even they forget these jumlas and hesitate to remind their leader. Perhaps we don't want development but emotional slogans and Jumlas.
    These political parties understand that general people are innocent, they can be satisfied by false promises and some doses of emotional issues and people are happy.

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    This is the take and beauty of Indian politics that when the leaders in oppostion suddenly get elected and even become the head of the state at the helm of affairs starts feeling the pinch of the treasury fall out and their big asking during the opposition stint and now that they can do it ,it cannot be possible. Sun has brought a wonderful thread when the same Stalin demanded much and now cannot deliver as the CM of the state. Likewise there are many members in this site simply take on our PM as the inefficient and could not handle many issues. I wish they be made the PM of the country one day and made to feel the pinch of taking such decision against all odds. So it is easy to malign the ruling party as a opposition leader, but at the same time it is hard to take decision when the time comes to hand. This is the lesson to all the politicians across the country.
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    I am seeing many posts on the site saying that the present Chief Minister is very dynamic and he will live up to the expectations of the public. Whatever he wanted from the previous government for COVID victims and sufferers may be compensated by this government as demanded by them with the previous government. Otherwise, people say he ditched the people. So it is the responsibility of this government to fulfil the demands.
    There is nothing wrong with the opposition asking the government to compensate the sufferers as proposed by the then opposition. This is all game.

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    This is a very interesting observation by the author that in the frenzy of elections the parties promise the moon but when they come in power then they start hiding their faces behind the curtains. It is in very bad taste and unfortunate for our country that the public is being deceived and cheated like this. These people are simply making the gullible public fool by some statements which are practically not possible to be executed in future. The tax payers money is not for just arbitrarily distributing to the poor. Let the poor people work and then the Govt should give them appropriate remuneration, a good remuneration.
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    It is very easy to tell someone his duty-out work but when it comes to his own turn it becomes difficult to prove his speech. Opposition party always gives some negative reactions against the ruling party, but when it comes to operating the country or state as the ruling party itself, they get a long list of excuses. As the author mentioned in the statement given by the opposition party, this statement actually has no poin. IF they really think about people or family who is suffering, then they should talk about something that could be possible, but they really do not care about the suffered public and they just want to let down the ruling party. Their own false promises are easily forgotten as if nothing has ever been saying. If any party wants the interests of the country and its citizens, then it can also try on its own. Today, there are many people who are nurturing many families without any means and without any expectation of fame, leaders should learn something from them, and stop playing with the emotions of the public at least in this pandemic era.

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    Politicians often do this to gain votes and public sympathy. Even in State of Delhi we observe that people are very happy with the present regime as they have been given so many concessions in electric bills, medical, schooling etc. So, general public will be happy with these small things but that type of appeasement will make people dependent on Govt and they will become liability. In my opinion parties or leaders should neither announce such measures nor convert them in reality. If at all any concession is to be given then it should be based on the financial condition of a particular poor family.
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