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    Pray for everyone to be safe from the storm

    In the midst of the pandemic, there is the tropical cyclonic storm Tauktae, leaving devastation and a few deaths in its wake in Kerala and Karnataka. It has now headed northwards along the West coast, with Goa, Maharashtra, and Gujarat going to be next in its path.

    Let us pray for everyone's safety.
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    Really India has been going through the bad period since last year and added to that we have been battered by the natural calamities. Noramally the cyclone effect starts in the last week of May in Kerala and it spreads across the country and we receive the rain between June 10 and 12th. This Tauktae cyclone seems to be so sudden and not expected and already caused devastation in Kerala and Karnataka and now heading for other coastal states towards North. We are really concerned and my thoughts are with those patients who are yet to recover from the covid positive and those who are about to get their vaccine second dose. The floods have been so severe as the seniors cannot venture out on their own to hospitals or health centers. This is the time govt arrange home remedies through knowing the details of each patient and attend to their homes.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A fox injured and its leg is broken. Suffering from pain and sat under a coconut tree. Meanwhile, coconut from the coconut tree has fallen on its head and the pain is too much. One can understand the pain of that fox. The present state of our country is like this only.
    COVID second wave is very severe and many are losing their lives. Now Black fungus is on its way. Many people are dying. Now another problem on the farm of Black fungus is also creating havoc. Now in some states, this Tauktae cyclone is creating much unrest among the people. Really all testing times. Life in those areas will become very bad and how people will survive?
    As mentioned by the author people should not lose their faith and pray to God for the safety of all the people. Hope the cyclone will leave us fast without harming us much. We are doing all anti-environment works and nature is becoming furious with us. At least, now people should understand their mistakes and stay away from all the works which cause environmental problems so that nature will cooperate with us.

    always confident

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    Time to time we are facing these cyclonic storms in the bay of Bengal as well as Arabian sea side. The present one named as Tauktae is supposed to be reaching the Saurashtra area in Gujarat and warning has been issued to the coastal areas. The effect of the cyclone will be there around its path and we are today seeing cloudy day in Mumbai and New Mumbai area because of that. We pray to God for reduction in the intensity of this cyclone by the time it meets the land mass so that there is no loss of life and material.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is believed that when many people pray to that supreme God together, he hears our prayers quickly. This time is already very difficult for the country and now natural calamities of this type are taking the test. The duty of the security teams has been imposed by the government and other security institutions and efforts are being made to minimize the loss of life and money. The development of technology has not enabled us to prevent natural disasters but has developed so much so that we can make some preparations by anticipating the coming disaster. Natural disasters come in such a dangerous form that a person becomes helpless.

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    These things are happening due to the fury of mother earth who is ignored by the human beings. People are made to suffer one after the other. What I pray to God and mother earth is this - " O' Mother, forgive us. Let the cyclone you created wash away the corona from our land and pave the way to make us to live happily without any Corona fear."

    Presently, I am in my village in south Tamilnadu. The effect of the cyclone Tauktae is being felt in my village. Generally, at this part of time, my village use to face abnormal unbearable heat (Agni Nakshetram/ Katri veil). But for the last three days, it is raining heavily with heavy wind, and the weather is very cool and pleasant. My village is safe and free from COVID-19 waves.

    No life without Sun

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    Natural calamities are attacking us regularly and proving that human powers are not that much to control natural forces. My state is free from such storms as I am from Rajasthan but covid cases are mounting day by day with death trolls rising and we are facing complete lockdown with zero mobility. I felt that's it's too much to give lessons to human beings who have teased mother earth. I pray to God to stop such calamities and feeling sorry also for what destructions we have made to our surroundings for which we are facing such harsh consequences.

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    We need to pray every moment for every one to be safe always. Not only the natural elements and microbes but man-made disasters also all around. When we humans pride ourselves having subdued and subjected the elements, something quite new and unexpected manifests and keeps us in tenterhooks. The man-created dangers are much more than that.
    So we have to keep on praying.

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    The latest news states that the severe cyclone is heading towards Gujarat and the land fall is likely to be in Bhavnagar area of that state at the speed of 185 kms. Already it has caused intensive damage to properties in Kerala and Karnataka and now Mauva and Bhavnagar is in the risk of heavy battering through the natures fury. Our thoughts are with the poor and fishermen who are living close to the coast and they are vulnerable to face the fury as the center has alerted the people living in low lying area be shifted to the safest places. Entire India has gone into cool mode as the result of this cyclone.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We are already passing through the pandemic phase and this taken the lives of so many people. However, this is not enough and more catastrophic conditions exist due to the severe cyclone affecting the lives of Kerala, Gujarat and Maharashtra if the intensity of the cyclone is severe. People are already reeling over severe distress and let us hope that this cyclone dilutes with the time so that no fatality occurs. At the same time, we should not go against the nature of the law like deforestation, polluting the atmosphere and water so that the intensity of cyclonic phase dilutes to a considerable extent.

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    We are undergoing very tough time. All these circumstances seem to be trials and tribulations. Pandemic is not over yet. And now this new problem has come to disturb some states. May God protect all.

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    The cyclone is today crossing the Gujarat coast and the alert is already there and many people are being taken to safe places. Let us hope that every one is safe in those places and the storm gets calm down soon.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Not only for storm madam, we, in our family, use to pray for the universal safety with a word 'Sarve Janaa sukino bavanthu'. We everybody should pray daily for safety and wellness of all persons in general.

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    Praying for everyone's safety. May God bless each of us and give us strength to overcome all the ordeals the people facing, either due to Covid or natural calamity. Let us all pray for each other so that God can hear us loud and clear and shower His mercy.

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