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    Plumbers, electricians, masons are winners these days

    Now that many cities and towns across the country have been closed or working for few hours, there is demand for service unorganized sector like plumbers, electricians and masons who are called for piece works and offered good wages in return. For example today I called a plumber to repair three leaking pipes and want to fix the problem. He charged 500 as his charges and 350 for the materials which I felt reasonable. Now that many are at home, they want to attend pending works which were kept on postponed for obvious reasons now made possible and the service sector is immensely benefited through their few minutes works.
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    They are taking a risk. They are going from house to house for repairs. They don't know what is the condition of the people in the house. But they are coming. If there is any repair which is to be attended to immediately and if the technician is not ready to come to solve the problems, the troubles we have to face will be high. So I think what they are demanding is reasonable. Even on normal days getting them home for small works is very difficult. They take up large works so that they will get good money. If they have to attend small works their time will be lost. So they demand high for such small works also. Minimum they may spend half-day for a small job also which includes their travel time also. Even in villages also there is a good demand for such technicians. They are demanding up to Rs.800/- a day. More than money their availability is a big problem these days.
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    The author's observation is correct, a saying is quite prevalent - every person's good days do come, the present situation is a proper example of this. The wrath of time does not allow us to say that the present situation is good, but this time has proved that no one should think of it as small or less important. At this time, I have found some families whose coolers in the house could not start because either they did not have an electrician or the rates were very high. Many such businesses which were not very popular for a long time, but they are also in a state of profit at this time. Time can change the status of anyone.

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    These are skilled workers. They have some special quality which a well-qualified person is deprived of. They sell their services. But another aspect is that they also have families and their income is not permanent. They don't know which day they will get work and which day they will remain empty-handed.
    On normal days, if you need some labourers to get some work done. How many of them would be found sitting along the road pavement. You will see some of them get the work on a particular day and rest all go back without work. We don't know if they have arrangements of lunch for their families?.
    The author has told that he paid him Rs 500. It means if gets work every day he can earn a maximum of Rs 15,000/- only. But a person who is working in any company must be getting several times more than this labourer/skilled worker.

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    Skilled labour is always in demand and costly.
    In my place we find it very difficult to get some small jobs done. Most such technical people are employed under some contractor who is interested only i bulk work of bulk amount and long period contract.
    Recently our washing machine was not getting on. Power supply was not coming to the plug point. I tried all my common sense trials and tests. Then I called the electrician. He did not turn up immediately and came third day afternoon. As WM is an essential appliance it is imaginable how frustrated we felt. He also did the same tests and trials as I did. Then he opened the main switch board and eliminated by switching on and off each MCB. He then diagnosed the problem and corrected it. The MCB contact was not getting properly done as some dust particles were there in between which came down from the wire duct. He cleaned that and things became alright.
    As the technician was sent drawing him from another site, he charged half a day's charge for that. My solace was that the problem got solved and I also got a small hook fixed on a wall.

    Generally what I do is if there are not much essential jobs to be done, I allow aa few such repair needs to be accumulated and cal a person. But that cannot be practical when our water pump is not working, or a water tap is leaking or water pip is broken or some essential electrical appliance is not working.

    Now, in the Covid lockdown situation the demand is more as they are taking some physical risk also.

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    There is always the demand of plumbers and electricians and especially during the lockdown time, it can be said that they are taking risks of the infection while attending the jobs. Sometimes some jobs cannot be kept pending such as tape leakage or drain pipe leaking or any electrical fault. This needs immediate repair otherwise the situation would go beyond hand. We will have to make request to them to attend the job on the priority basis even if the charges are sometimes are not justified. However, they too have lost their regular income due to the pandemic phase. Hence with a little bargaining, it would be better to get the problem sorted out without fail so that heavy expenses could be averted due timely execution of the job.

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    I don't think these skilled workers are, in any way, the winners in this situation. I am sure they would be called in only in cases of emergency, for some works that cannot be postponed, and not for any other routine maintenance works during this period of restrictions due to the pandemic. Electricians, plumbers and masons are in demand even otherwise and they earn a good amount when they have regular work but the Corona has affected their livelihood too and they too are facing lot many difficulties in making the two ends meet.
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    We cannot say that plumbers, electricians and masons are having a good time. There are many such skilled labours sitting at home without job. It is not that the pipes, and electric machine and building get damaged very frequently. They might get a job today and may not get a job for another two or three days. One day earning has to be managed to meet the requirement of the other days. With the Corona fear, lock down, containment etc, their life has been affected severely. Every family knows how to manage to repair the defects by the family members who are somewhat expert in doing the plumbing, electrical works. As we can learn each and everything through youtube channel, everyone is master as a plumber or electrician or mason. I never call for a plumber or electrician. I try to manage everything. If required, I would buy the necessary tools to repair the items, and have the tool as an asset.
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    These workers were always in demand earlier also. These services are very crucial and we all require them time to time. In the pandemic time their importance has further increased and even some of them are charging a bit more also.
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    Really their service in this critic situation is highly appreciable but it is pity to see that some of them are exploiting the needy hour and drain money from the household persons. Last week our refrigeration got failed and no indication of cooling inside and no light was burning. We got panic and puzzled whether the fridge would have gone out and are we to buy a new one. I inquired my co -brother about the nearest dealer, possibility of exchange, good model etc., as he is in the consumables marketing line. He suggested me to show the same to the electrician first. But we know the electrician known to us is a high handed person but without alternative, we called him. He came and saw the fridge and told a wire and part underneath the freezer have gone out and if replaced it would be alright. He called another electrician over phone and ask him to buy the wire and part. He finishing the work on his friend arrival. The fridge started functioning. Felt happy we asked the payment for that. He asked me 2200 rupees for the spare and service charges 1000 rupees for both of them. Our happiness drained and however we paid by thinking the savings would be high from buying a new one - by thinking the economics law of Consumer surplus. Further to this we got shocked later from our co brother that the spares replaced by them having a normal cost of 400 to 600.

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