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    Why fighting scenes in movies and why it is not natural ?

    Indian movies are known for fighting scenes and huge sets and gathering of huge people for the fight is always made available and the vast canvas includes destroying anything for granted to get best visualization. By the way why the directors think of having fighting scenes and that too very lengthy giving more chilling feeling to the viewers. And if at all fighting has to be included it is not natural and as one hero would be challenging scores of villians or their henchmen. That is unnatural to believe and the sounds given are also fictional. Any comment ?
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    The human psychology is very strange. A viewer or spectator wants to see something on the celluloid screen which in real life he or she cannot attain. If a criminal enters my house I will not be able to check and stop him and with the help of an ordinary knife he will be able to take control. But when I go to see a movie I enjoy the scene in which the hero sitting alone in the house can face a team of goons coming to kill him. That gives me immense satisfaction and when I put myself in place of that hero I feel pride in that though my illusion breaks as soon as I come out of the movie theatre. So directors are well aware of the human psychology and entertain us by these scenes and earn money. If there is a movie in which a bunch of criminals come and simply kill the hero and take away the valuables from his house and with that the story of the movie ends then such a movie will flop on the box office on the first day itself and I am sure no director will go for such a theme. The seller sells what the buyer wants to buy for a viable business.
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    It is to elevate the hero character, many such fighting scenes are created in the movies. A hero with a single hand face 100s of goons and emerges victorious. The fans of the hero will enjoy the fight and think that the hero is a real fighter. They never think that how much the director or other technicians are struggling to make such scenes in movies. If they don't do that the fans will never like and the movie may not get good collections. So these fights and songs are required. In our normal life, we never see a wife and husband going to a park and dance there while singing a song. But we see them in movies and enjoy the steps of the hero and lady hero. So we should not compare what we see in the movies with our normal lives. Slowly this concept of fights and songs has come to TV serials also and we see songs and fights in the serials also these days.
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    The main purpose of the producer of any movie is to keep their audience tied to the story of their film for longer so that the audience is not bored anywhere, especially in Indian movies, that is why we get different categories within the same movie. , In which emotions, fighting, action, romance try to show everything in a movie. Apart from this, the choice of the audience also matters, and some people like to watch the action sean, so such scenes are also added to attract more and more viewers. The fighting scene shown in the film has no link to real life, the audience has to understand. Including this sometimes it depends on actor too, some actors always have at least one fighting sean in his movie.

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    I don't think unnecessary fighting scenes should be pictiurised. But movie producers or directors include fight scenes in movies. Some of the movie makers have become a brand name for such movies. It is said that movies are made as per the prevalent trends in the society but I think otherwise. I think these movies set new trends in the society and then people follow them and once a trend has been set and movie got hit on silver screen then other movie makers will also start producing the similarr type of movies and thus a race is started between them. When people watch these movies they are affected by violence and nudity shown in the movies.
    Now a days movies are being made which have no senses at all. Unnecessary fighting and nudity just for alluring people to watch their movies are destroying human and social.values. I don't like such movies.

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    The present trend of pictures is not to provide you pure entertainment but it may produce unnecessary stain when you see unnecessary fighting occurring very frequently after a short interval. In that way the present movie differs from the earlier ones. It does not give you any specific messages for the upliftments of the society.
    When we are along with our families witnessing a movie, we feel ashamed of nudity and the vulgar statements of the characters of the movie sometimes. Such scenes does not speak of our healthy culture. Producers must analyse the outcome of such pictures.

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    There are many masala elements in a movie which are intentionally included in it to attract the viewers. Some of them are dancing, songs, fighting, races and chases etc. People like these things and enjoy the movie. No one likes a plain movie without any masala.
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    Cinema fighting are quite unnatural. Because in a fight hero got attacked by villain's persons on a public road but all people watched casually without attacking the people as they could protect hero if collectively attack in practice. The fights in cinema are just fill the masala of love, comedy, grudge and fight.

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    The dishum dishum sound is still happening even though the directors can incorporate the natural bashing.
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