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    What is your choice - 'walk alone' or 'walk and talk'?

    Walking is a very good activity and many people have included it in their daily schedule and routine. Some prefer to go for morning walks while some like it in the evening time. Elders can especially be seen in the morning taking a walk in the nearby parks and open fields near the housing complexes. Many people search for company while taking these walks and it fulfils the dual purpose of walking as well talking on the general or current matters and one does not feel the monotony of walking alone. What is your choice - to walk alone or with some company to talk and enjoy the walk? Please share.
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    When I walk in the morning the like minded friends are also there to meet and discuss issues and all these done while walking and not wasting time as standing or sitting. And most of the walking members are well informed about the happenings around and the discussions would be fruitful. Right from politics, personal issue, happening in the colony and little bit on the serials shown the last night. The elders always discuss theadbard on the issues and its worth listening to them. Some elders does not want to leave our company and keep on extending their walking and talking but we have our own time constraint.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Incidentally, I also like talking while walking and am always in search of company.
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    I mostly like to walk alone because, for me, walking is not just a part of physical fitness or a healthy routine, but the most important part of the walk-in my life is spending time with my own thoughts. When I walk alone on the terrace, the different thoughts that come to mind generate another new thought. The same morning, with the light of the sun, the chirping of birds and the waving leaves of the trees with a gust of cold wind, seeing all these beautiful seen, finding oneself close to nature and feeling connected to nature, all of this different realize who can never find while talking with anyone. Apart from this, my other partner is my FM, I also like to listen to FM music while walking, so I listen to the songs in some of the last minutes of the walk. I like listening to songs on FM because the first thing is that there is no personal choice for songs in it, if I start selecting songs during the walk, then my mind will divert, and the other advantage is that on FM there are songs of different years or time which you will get connecting to the years and memories associated with that song. Some people have a lot of habit of talking on the phone with the walking, I think in such a way you can not enjoy the walk. But this is my personal preference and experience, the experiences of other people may be different.

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    If walk alone is chosen by people , then it must be exclusive without any disturbance or distraction from any source. Pure solo walking is also beneficial to us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I prefer walking alone. That will make me think about various issues I am in at that moment. But I am not a regular walker. Once in a while, only I will be going for walk. I go early in the morning. At that time, there will not be any disturbance and the whole atmosphere will be very pleasant. Traffic will also be very less. So as soon as I start walking I start thinking about the issues which are activated and which are to be completed and sometimes I get very good inputs from my thoughts me so that I can complete the work successfully. Many times I had this experience.
    But some people feel monotonous if they go alone for walking. They can't walk long distances if they go alone. Such people try to have a companion with them. I have some experience with such people also. They discuss many things and they will become very useful to us some time or other. Especially I used to go with an HR professional in the mornings for a walk. He used to discuss with me many IR problems he faced. Those were coming in handy for me sometimes to solve some of my problems in my organisation.

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    Now a days due to coronavirus morning walk has been suspended. Now it is better for us stay back home.
    I like to walk alone but if somebody is with me then I will take a long walk it looks easy when we are together.
    However, I take about half a km morning because I don't want that police on duty should say anything to me for violation of Corona protocols
    I would like to share this poem .

    (Ajay Singla)

    Early in the morning, the alarm wakes you up,

    Brush your teeth, you are ready for a walk.

    Drive your car to the ''nature park'',

    Start your walk, this is the mark.

    You are now cut off from the city,

    Feel fresh air with your wife, so pretty.

    by tall trees all around,

    And the birds with musical sound.

    Peacocks are calling you to see their dance,

    May see a kingfisher, it's only a chance.

    The sweet song of koyal is just so nice,

    Making your start imitating its voice.

    Sometimes a mongoose may cross your path,

    In a rainy pit, frogs taking their bath.

    Lapwings are found just everywhere,

    Parrots are flying from here to there.

    Squirrels are seen there climbing the trees,

    Colorful flowers with humming honeybees.

    You can see birds catching fly with their beaks,

    Taking to their nest to feed their chicks.

    Small chicks are seen following their mothers,

    Seeing you close, run with sisters and brothers.

    There is a place where grains you can keep,

    Birds come in groups to pick them with their beaks.

    Pair of birds just sitting on a tree,

    Rubbing their beaks with love and glee.

    Every day I do this for half an hour,

    Come home fresh and take my shower.

    Nature gives you all the energy, you can say,

    This keeps me fresh and healthy all day.

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    I like to walk alone as company is always a source of disturbance. Walking is an exercise and making it a socialising thing will be too much of asking. Sometimes people also stop walking and continue talking and that is the main problem that comes often if you walk with a company. If a like minded person is there who does not talk while walking and is ready to go for a brisk walk or slow walk asper the mutually agreed way then that type of company can be thought of. Talking during walking may also have some adverse effects on health as the breathing system might get overloaded.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Walk and talk is great one if we go for a long distance or to shop etc., But walk alone is great if we go for walking on some purpose. I am seeing many people in the park, who are going for walk having inserted ear phones in their ears and do their walking by talking with friends or relatives or giving instructions to the subordinates etc., According to me it is not at all a walking they are doing and their walking is just for others. Some people do walking by hearing music over their phone through the earphones. This may be tolerated to some extent comparing to the previous but it is secondary only as it is good to have walk freely from any thoughts or speach.

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    I do not go for a walk regularly. Suppose I opt to walk, then my mood on a particular day will decide what I want: walk alone or walk with some companion. At times, I love to be alone and remain in my thoughts, while sometimes I would prefer to have the choicest companion.

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