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    The fun of climbing and sitting on trees. How many of you enjoyed it?

    Sitting under the trees brings a lot of peace and bliss. Trees have limitless benefits and we can never repay the debt of trees. Eating its fruits by climbing various trees and sitting in their branches is very enjoyable and fun.

    Even today when I go to my village, I always take this opportunity to sit on trees. I have seen young children enjoying this activity to the fullest.

    Today I revived this experience by climbing Myrica Esculenta (Bay Berry) tree to taste its fruit.

    Please share your experience.
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    As soon as I read the thread of the author, I remembered my childhood and had a smile on my face. Although the joy of climbing a tree is different and many people have had this experience in their childhood. But when I was a child, I was a bit timid, especially in doing this type of stunt, I used to avoid doing all these stunts. Yet there is an incident, when I climbed the tree, actually when I was in 4th class, my father was transferred to another district and he took home on rent. That house had a guava tree and that tree was a touch from the ceiling of the roof so it was very simple to touch the tree by standing on the roof. Then I first time climbed on that tree just for a photo by sitting on a branch of the tree, and I climbed through the direct roof wall. Although it was very easy still I was very scared and came back to the terrace soon after the photo. This was my first and last attempt when I thought of climbing a tree. But this frightening experience of childhood is a comedy experience today.

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    The author has rekindled our past experience of tree climbing and stealing the mangoes and sappota which were in our school compound but branced to the adjacent building. The building owner is the old lady and she would never mind school children playing in her compound and that right was misused by us and we used to climb the tree and steal the mangoes and sappota. One day she saw us and we were terrified as she will tell to our principal for stealing. But she called us inside and gave more mangoes which were fallen last night due to wind. We really loved her gesture and we pardoned for wrong doing.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    It was very easy for us to climb upon tree. Jumping from one branch and falling on another branch and grasping it firmly and hanging in the air. Jumping from branches on the ground and picking up the stick lying in the circlee on the groubd. All these activities were part of Labba Saatiya, our favourite game to play while siting or hanging or jumping from the trees. it was full of fun but now most of the trees have been cut and now we are not in a position to run and climb.
    I see today's generation doesn't know about these games. These games were good exercises for body. But now our young people spend their time either with mobile or cricket. Cricket is a good game. We would also play cricket when we were in teens.

    New generation has new taste and new interest. We can't impose our choice on them

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    I used to climb trees during my school days. In our house in the backyard, we had some trees. A mango tree, a goa tree and a sapota tree. I used to climb onto the trees to pluck the fruits from the tree. My father used to discourage us and used to say not to climb onto the trees. But when he was not there somehow we used to manage. Those days there were no ACs or coolers. So we used to sleep under the trees by having foldable cots there. It was a lovely experience which we will never forget.
    When we were with our grandparents in their village we used to go to their fields and used to enjoy the atmosphere there. My grandfather used to come with us to show various trees and used to tell his experiences during his young age. He was having very good knowledge of various plants and their medicinal uses and he used to explain them to us.
    Trees are the gifts given by nature to mankind. We should protect them and plant more and more trees so that we will have a better atmosphere on this mother earth.

    always confident

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    I regret for not having any opportunity to sit on tree ever as I have never went to village. But I remembered that once in our city park nearby my house, one of the boy started a game of hanging on the branches and then moving forward-backward like a swing. I too tried it and it was my badluck that the branch I have chosen was weak one, I fell down and got my hand fractured. My parents scolded me a lot and instructed me not to try such games again. Till that day I have never tried such climbing but still I liked these adventures and if I get a chance to climb a tree I would definitely try it.
    Nature's beauty is stress curing and in this time of epidemic, psychological stress is mounting we all should try to take fresh air of tress as much as possible.

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    I used to climb trees when I was a child and till I joined college. Thereafter my climbing was restricted to only low level branches of trees to pluck the fruits or to pluck leaves or cut other branches for some purpose.

    I had even climbed up the Coconut trees and Arecanut trees which are tall and single stemmed.
    There were many trees in our college and we used to enjoy time under the shades of such trees, but not climbing. The last time I climbed on a tree was to sit on a very low level branch of a tree inside a park for posing for a photo.
    While constructing our current house they wanted to cut and remove a jack tree part of whose trunk was dying.
    But I objected and asked them to salvage it by removing only the decayed portion. The same has regrown and yielding fruits. Just a few days before also we had one Jack fruit from it.

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    Very pleased to read about all your experiences.

    @Dev Arora, I wish that you too get an opportunity to climb and sit on the trees. Even I too got a chance to enjoy it after a long time.


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    All those aged above 60 will have this experience. We had two guava trees in our home. I and my two brothers used to climb and pluck the guavas. We used to have a competition about who will climb to maximum height. My younger brother was always the winner. Thanks to the author for bringing out the old memories of climbing trees.
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    During my childhood, I used to climb on tamarind trees only to pluck the raw tamarinds that is used to make Chutney. Ripe tamarinds can be made to fall by shaking the branches. One can climb tamarind trees without any fear. Because tamarind trees are strong trees. The branches won't break easily. The butcher uses only the Tamarind woods as a chopping board to chop mutton, chicken etc.
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    When I was in my school days we were living in the town and whenever I visited my village which was nearby, I got opportunity of climbing some of the trees which were accessible. Some children were able to climb even the difficult ones but that was not my cup of tea. There were two main purposes that inspired us to climb a tree at that point of time. First was if it was a fruit tree then it attracted us much and second was to pass time during school holidays and having fun we used to sit on the big branches of trees especially which were near to the ground and had much fun in doing that. The childhood memories are full of such incidences and whenever we meet our old class fellows and friends these things prop up in our chattering.
    Knowledge is power.

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    And I want to share another fun activity done through tree that we will go to those house or bulding where in Ashoka trees are lined up. we would catch hold the top branch and slide down on the road side and it acts as a spring. It is really dangerous as if we make late in landing the branch would come to its vertical position in few seconds. And bounce back can even knock down the person to other side of the building. Please do not try this unless and until you are well versed with center of gravity and equilibrium. And make sure that the tree does not come in contact with live current wires.
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    Making sitting arrangement on a tree seems to be very funny. Yesterday, I observed in a newspaper that a man who has been suffering from covid19 take isolation by arranging a cot on a tree infront of his house. He spent 9 days on the tree. Can you think whether it is a fun. As author said that it is a fun, but it becomes necessity some other times. For instance, if we learn swimming as fun then it may be used as to save the lives of any person other way.
    I believe in a positive attitude. I like those who criticize me.

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    We had some fruit trees in our backyard during my childhood and during the season when it gave fruits we usually climbed it to some little height and tried to pluck a few pieces. One tree was of peach and that was our favourite as it gave a large number of fruits and they were very tasty also. Some of our friends who came to our house enjoyed this activity much and we sometimes gave them a few to take to their houses also.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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