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    No one needs to praise oneself

    If you are sure that your doings are excellent, there is no need to walk with announcements about that excellence, people will recognize it by hearing and seeing. If there is a core then no need of preaching about abilities, it will be clear through actions. Those who perform below average may have to convince others of their 'extraordinary' skill by campaigning. Owners of brilliant performances do not need campaign strategies. Skills and competencies can only be credible if it talks about their owners, rather than someone talking about their own merits.

    Only those who are willing to become smaller can grow high. Those who are not will fall for their ego. Who would want to hear those who praise themselves?

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    If we are working right and straight, there need not be self boasting as the work speaks. Once my father who was working in Defence Accounts and posted at Jabalpur, and there some employees are averse to Madrasi leading them in office and often pick up quarrel with my father who was the head of the section. Once an employee failed to do his duty and he was given the show cause memo. Immediately he started mending ways and do the work sincerely and one fine morning asked my father as to why he was not appreciating when was changed a lot. My father replied that doing work is your duty for which we need not appreciate, and if you do wrong only we will respond. So what the author has mentioned in this post is right. The praise should come from our enemy and that is formidable because he who manipulates our progress and our win against all odds really praise worthy.
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    The author is right. Self appreciation is always danger and it leads to ego. As one writer says, ego is - I only can do this but confidence is I can do this. Once ego invade in us, the future is definitely made us to fell in deep pit. Even appreciation talking of our own child to others are not good rather it can be told by others about our child.

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    There is no necessity to go on making propaganda for our good work and abilities. A student who is a very good performer need not always say that he is a brilliant student. His marks or achievements will make everybody know about his brilliance. You may donate some money for s good cause. You need not go on telling everybody that you did it.
    My father was working in a small private company. The MD of the company was very simple and helpful. He used to help his employees by giving money when they are in need. He never charged any interest from anybody. He used to donate money for poor students for paying their fees, purchasing books and other expenses. But no other person knows. Even his sons or his wife know to whom he has given and how much he has given. But only after his demise people started telling about the help they received from him. Then it was noticed that almost all the employees of the company received donations from him like this. Such people are very rare these days.

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    I agree one should not blow one's own triumphant but not with the whole idea of this thread because sometimes one needs to show what they are capable of even if it through words otherwise at times people underestimate people's ability just because they are humble and try to downplay best in them. Yes actions do speak louder than words but at times words also need to be spoken.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    There is a famous saying when do good work your actions automatically says about your work so you have no need to sing a song about your hard work or anything that you did or going to be done. When others appreciate your work or praise you that is a real appreciation and when we appreciate ourselves in from of others then we missed a chance to get praising by others, infect when someone praises itself, others make fun of them. Even it is also suggested that if your hand doing some good work then do not tell to your left hand, it just has a simple meaning that is do not tell to everyone about your good deeds.

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    Agreeing with the author to the core basic principle, I have to say that the present world , one has to be practical also.
    I learned this very late in my life. I learned that while it is noble not to boast about oneself, not to indulge in self praise, I also learned that it will work only if all people are so noble and follow the same path. Unfortunately, practically it is not so.

    Those who do not self praise or boast self will be qualified as good and ideal, but the sweet fruits of your labour will be enjoyed by smart others. The poor noble humans have to slog on and on.

    Hence my well wisher boos advised me once" Sometimes you have to blow your own trumpet too".(I had mentioned this in one earlier occasion)
    In this thread also I have to remind that.

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    There are some people who work less but advertise more and the irony is that there are people who believe in them and are impressed by those show offs that these clever people do to show that they had done so much for their career or for society or even for the country. The gullible will believe them and these people are able to create a good reputation for them until one day they are exposed and are condemned. So, it is imperative that instead of boasting about oneself it is better to work and work continuously and if one is doing good work people or the management will take cognisance of that. As per my experience our superiors might not look to us so vigilant but the fact is that they observe everything about their subordinates and give value and considerations to the employees who are doing sincere and good work. So do not think that no one is observing you and you can pass time without working and just by advertising. We are today in a competitive environment and any show off thing would be exposed sooner or later and naturally it will be detrimental to the career thereafter.
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