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    Find out where are you negligent in respect of lifestyle.

    There are many types of negligence, some are blunder negligence, and some have less impact. These days, meeting an outside person without a mask or going outside will be considered a great carelessness, many more examples could be there. And some minor carelessness perhaps the person keeps doing throughout his life. The difference is that the effect of small carelessness is not visible at all, so perhaps people ignore them. It is not necessary to always tell us any other minor mistakes, loopholes, or carelessness. But we should observe ourselves about what work we are negligent in daily life, and then we should try ourselves how to end that negligence.
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    Somewhere or the other everyone of us do create blunder and mistake and we do not have the trait to realize that we have made the blunder unless others point out our mistake. Even then we are not ready to mend the ways. In day to day life we have follow certain health protocols and daily protocols and do show our negligence in gentle way or in continued way. When we know that outsiders cannot be allowed in the house, we do call the carpenter, painter, electrician and masons for minor works. How they are following the protocols we do not know and in that case inviting risk to our lives is foolish options.
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    Negligence is the part of human life. We know what is harmful for us, nevertheless we take it. Our elders teach us to abstain from some activities as they waste our time and energy but we do it. So negligence and indifference have their own role in our daily lives. Alcohol is harmful for body and mind as well. It kills us inside. But those who take alcohol can give lecture for hours and can prove that alcohol is very useful for health. What is good for us and what is bad for us depend on our volition and discretion.

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    Carelessness is a companion of human beings. It causes loss of health and wealth. But no one does much to pay attention to it or to put aside such negligence. As the author points out, even in the current pandemic situation, many carry on with carelessness. A face mask that covers the mouth and nose is a very popular form of carelessness that is lowered into the chin. But when he is sure that the police will see him, the mask goes straight up from his chin and makes his nose and mouth forget. Then it is important to understand that such carelessness is not due to clumsiness. crowding at the vaccination center is also a carelessness. Looking to our convenience alone is making such mistakes. Over the past year, we have learned that this action will speed up the spread of the disease. Similarly, leaving the electrical switches in the house without turning them off is another example of such negligence.
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    Doing wrong things, being careless are very common these days. This attitude is increasing from day today. This may be due to the fastness in life and competition in society. Everybody wants to grab the chance. They don't want to lose any small occasion In that hurry sometimes they will not pay attention to small things and some mistakes are bound to happen.
    Some mistakes will not have much impact on the outcome of the work and that may be tolerated. But sometimes the cost of the mistake will be very high and the losses incurred will be very high. So no one should be so careless that the damage will be very severe.

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