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    Plight of poor students- does anyone comes to their rescue?

    Even in ordinary days the plight of poor students cannot be described as they would have shortage of food, lodging problems and books problem. Now the situation is more challenging as poor students are not having any say either at home or to the government and their living has become more pathetic becuase they have been asked to vacate the hostels or paid rooms and they cannot return to the home town owing to situations and there is none to address their situation. Whom do you make responsibile in this case ?
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    Poor students are among the most vulnerable. They always have lack of resources and government programmes of providing them help and scholarships are not appropriate as government is unable to address all poor children. Their conditions are becoming worse day by day and no one to hear them. Pandemic is like a tryanny for them as due to lack of resources they are even unable to manage for their online classes. Moreover poor connectivity to some backward villages is making them more backward but no one is there to look after them.

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    These poor students need soft corner and help from management of their schools/colleges. As the author has written about them that they are not able to pay fee and they have been asked to vacate their hostels. Some students who stay in rooms on rent, they might have been facing similar problems.
    There are several NGOs working in this field and helping poor students. These students may google to find such NGOs to get financial help.
    Some generous people are also helping poor students. They should consult other people to know about them, I hope they will meet such generous people. I knew a retired professor who would bear all expenses of at least 10 students.

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    The poor students are suffering. That is true. Many daily wage earners are also suffering. I know a family where the mother has to take care of 2 daughters and a son. They are studying in schools. She earns money by doing daily wage works. But now due to COVID, she is not getting any works. My wife saw their plight and donated Rs.4000/- for their monthly expenses. She gave also some clothes. Like this many people may be helping them. The main problem is that these students also will not join government schools. They will get admitted to private schools and private school managements will not have any considerations. I think the schools should think of helping such students and try to reduce the fees and see that they will continue their studies. Another problem is that these students will not have the facility for online studies. All these puts together they are getting backwards in studies. I don't know how much the government can help these students.
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    Recently I read in one Tamil weekly. A marriage was celebrated in a small town of Tamilnadu. Normally the couples are given with gifts by relatives and friends. But in that marriage the couple selected previously itself certain poor school students and on the day of marriage they called the students and gave away the needy books and notebooks to them with their wishes.
    Not only for poor students some people are there to offer their philanthropy as their routine. A chartered accountant in our Madurai, Mr.Peri Thiagarajan, normally called as philanthropist, I heard. But to my surprise it happened in my college life. When I was in second and third year of my degree, as my uncle was a professor, I took my text books from college library. In my third year, that Chartered Accountant was taking classes for Advanced Accountancy and Auditing of my third year. He was serving in our college as guest lecturer. On the first day of my third year, he came to the class for taking Auditing subject. He told all students that the book prescribed for Auditing should be kept by every one as their own book as the subject is most important for that course. I as possessing college library book, I sat in the class as he sent out all other students who did not have book. By seeing my book, he got angry and as it was not my own one he asked me to get out of the class. By felt ashamed I went out. In the lunch hour I went to staff room and asked apology to the CA lecturer by saying on the day itself I would buy a book on my own. But he put his hands on my shoulder and told,' my dear,my anger is not on you but you should have told me initial itself. It is my mistake I sent out though you are possessing book. However, I myself planned to call you to my room. Take this fifteen rupees (the cost of book was only fifteen rupees then) and buy a book for your own'. I denied and told that money could have given to somebody else. CA lecturer told me further that, " it is my cost for my mistake, if you want to repay me you can do in your life time by offering books or money for books to other needy person." I really got stunned by his words, accepted the money and with that money only I bought the book which is possessed by me even now, that is even after 45 years. Later I gave money and my other books to some other students.

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    The institutions where the poor students are receiving their education has to look after their problems in relation to their studies. Due to the pandemic situation, schools are taking steps to vacate the premises so that no infection takes place. It is a right step no doubt but these schools should see their inconvenience as well. They don't have enough resources to go to their homes. There is no mobile phones with them so that they can attend on line classes smoothly. They should be helped with the contingency fund to tide over their crisis.

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    Poor students have to struggle a lot and it is very difficult for them to make a career and successful life in todays environment. They have shortage of money for everything from their food to school fees. Only a few of them would be able to get scholarship but that small amount may not be much helpful. In such case they have only one way to do some part time work and earn some money to survive but that is also not so easy as salaries in such jobs are very low. If Govt can give some help to the poor students then only they can be comfortable but I am not aware of any such scheme that these poor students are paid some support money every month. This is a point that our leaders should consider whenever enacting rules and regulations in this area.
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    For the poor students there is no way to progress ahead in the life as they will be busy in mitigating their poor financial conditions and will not be able to devote and concentrate towards studies. In our country we do not have scope for part time jobs also and even if there are some jobs the remuneration is very less. The only solution which seems to be possible is Govt aid to these poor students in form of some good value scholarship.
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    Education and health of children are included in our constitution both as a right and a directive element, but still, the situation is not satisfactory. There are many social problems in our country for which it is difficult to tell who is the biggest factor or responsible behind those problems. Normally, we all know and believe that the first responsibility of the government is to provide the necessary facilities to every section of its citizens on its basis, and many times we have also said that the government has given education, nutrition, for many sections from the middle of various plans. It takes steps for health, skill-building, employment generation, etc. But the roots of increased corruption in the country have spread in the society in such a way that it is difficult to tell whether the government is doing corruption or the department which gives benefits of the schemes, or other Employee and officer or a common citizen himself.

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