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    Is it good to raise national issues at the beauty pageant ?

    Some people are looking for the opportunity to become big when they take the different route of popularity and suddenly their popularity graph raises, thanks to the social media and media across the word which highlights such issues. At the International Miss Universe Beauty pageant , the Myanmar contestant has raised the banner of her country over the plight of people there by seeking world support. Though her guts and courage to showcase the cause was truly appreciated, do you feel is that the right platform she has chosen to draw world attention ?
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    Social media is a platform which has accessibility to all corners of the world. Beauty pageant is not a right platform to raise your personal issues or internal problems.
    Myanmar is facing a problem where military has toppled the incompetent government. But military rule can not be justified for the sake of politics. I think UN should intervene in this matter and fresh poll should be conducted in the country and military should hand over their power back to elected government. Democracy should be restored in the country.
    Pro democracy people are coming on streets to protest against military rule, they are demanding to reinstate democratic system of governance in the country.

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