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    Let them grow, with identifying the rightness

    Is there anyone who did and completed everything right the first time? Is there anyone who has reached full growth in a day? The bigger mistake than making a mistake is, not doing anything for fear of making a mistake. If a trait of identifying such things are not acquired in childhood, then life will end in emptiness and inactivity. Those who brought up them without being allowed to fall, humiliating the ability and strength of those who grow up. Those who grow up without falling will have less experience or practical awareness.

    It is difficult for those who are formed only within the line of control without permission for anything to have spontaneous means or free thoughts. It is easy to intimidate such people, and to take them to their own way by someone. Those who are caught up in life's trials become courageous with the confidence they achieved when they overcome them.
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    Life has to grow with ups and downs and there cannot be ever green life for ever. And those who have enjoyed their first half of their life are bound to face the challenges and sad moments. Like wise those who have have bad period in the beginning are going to be benefited in the last half of the life. If you watch the corona affected persons, those who are well off and enjoyed their life in the past are being infected and those who are poor and not even seen the enjoyment in life so far are not being affected. So there is a trail balance available with the creator who gives the enjoyment, happiness, challenges and sad moments according to our fate already decided.
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    I agree with the author. We should be always on go. Sometimes mistakes may happen and we may fail. But with a fear of failure if we don't do anything in our life we will be a failure in our lives. When a ship travels in a sea it may have to face storms. With the fear of storms, we can't keep the ship on the shore always. The ship is not made for that.
    Sometimes we will be in difficult situations and we have to take a decision regarding our next course of action. But with a doubt that our decision may go wrong if we don't take any decision, it is foolish. Not taking a decision is more serious than taking a wrong decision.
    Sometimes we may do mistakes. As a human being, it may be natural. But we should understand where we did wrong and next time we should not do the same mistake. That should be the way of life.

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    Agree with the author, There is hardly anyone who has never made a mistake, in my estimation, it is difficult or impossible to find someone who spends his life in this world without making a mistake. After all, is it a normal deed, which is not done by knowing, many times there comes a situation in the way of learning of life where some of our decisions are not able to be proved according to us and we regret it. Apart from this, many times we are unable to explain our thoughts to the person in front of us and if someone becomes unhappy with us, then it is also a mistake. All these mistakes remain mistakes until we accept them and rectify them and when we rectify our mistakes then it becomes a lesson that becomes part of our life experiences. Children also grow in life only after taking experience from mistakes. We should not try to bond them as per our experience only, after all, no one do every work absolutely perfect every time.

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    Some people are habitual of taking every challenge in their hands and mostly they succeed in their efforts. Everyone wants to progress in his life and for it he is ready to face every challenge. Some of them succeed and many of them fail. Even those people who fail to achieve their target or succeed in their lives or overcome any challenge are much better than those who run away from facing any challenge. They yield to a challenge.
    I see some people who are really great people. They face a series of challenges from many people simultaneously but these brave people defeat all their rivals and enemies.

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    While doing any job, if failure is encountered, we become frustrated and we change the recourse. Repeated changing of the jobs would not be a healthy choice since this injects the feeling of frustration and disappointment. We have to examine the ways leading to our failures with the cool brain. Resolve the issue where we lacked concentration and with our determination, we can conquer the game. We should not be afraid of the mistakes since mistakes will happen and from that mistakes we learn how to get the correct path. If our children are frustrated with the repeated mistakes, it should be our duty to encourage them to have the patience to analyse the causes of mistakes to avert the same in the next attempts.

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    Being human we do mistakes. There is nothing like a perfect person who does everything right in the first attempt. Failures will always be their sometimes minor and insignificant while sometimes major and these are actually the experiences gathered which would help us later when we encounter similar situations. The path to the success and glory in life is not straight forward and it is actually in an up and down manner called vicissitudes of life. Through these ups and downs only one has to progress ahead and that is what decides ones fate or life and its achievements.
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    We learn things from our experience only and then refine our future attempts with that learning. This is the usual way and there is no short cut to success and glory. One grows like that working and learning gradually.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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