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    How can we arrest the spread of rumours?

    We often hear tales of the virus or corruption or something and that can be just rumours that are far removed from the truth. The newspapers also report such news. No one really knows who generates these rumours. We need to be very careful.

    All this should change. Any rumour that is not based on facts needs to be dismissed. Any fact supported by photographs and such other proof should be taken very seriously. The Wire and The Print are two YouTube channels that need to be appreciated for their efforts to bring about the truth. NDTV is doing a fabulous job. The same cannot be said of so many other channels who sing the praise of the ruling dispensation without any proof.

    The question is: how do we arrest these dangerous rumours being spread by the communal elements?
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    Just keep quiet.
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    Rumours have wings. They spread very fast and we all are responsible for that. We should not forward any message without checking its authenticity. If we forward it just like that we are a party to the rumour spreading team. In a populated country where so many mobile phones are in operation it is easy for rumour to cover the country same day or even in a few hours time. So, we must take care in nipping in the bud the rumour at our place itself.
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    If the person who is spreading the rumour is having some concern for the ill effect of passing on the rumours he will not spread them. But people will not have that concern. The whole problem is there only. The media, the newspapers and social media is also helping with this spreading of rumours, A person who is forwarding a piece of news on social media should think for a minute whether the news is correct or fake. But no person will do that.
    Sometimes this fake information will have a lot of impact on others. Unless otherwise, the responsible people use their discretion stopping this is a very difficult task,

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    It is not wrong in punishing the rumor spreaders as the rumor simply affect others badly in some cases. It is shown in a Tamil cinema as a comedy. A comedian overhear the speech of the heroine and hero as she was telling that she is of Cancer in her raashi. But this comedian spread that she is got affected by cancer disease and exploit the main comedian with this as he was in love with the heroine.

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    Rumors are a deadly-non curable disease. It does not halt if anyone or a small group decides. Some people's hobby is to build a big palace of imagination on an imperfect little particle of a subject. Part of that is the print and visual media here. They are constantly working to increase their circulation and viewership by taking such things very seriously to the outside world. We, the people, take over and push out more and more fantasies than they say. Rumors will be arrested, only if we learn to live quietly and look after our work, without taking any rumor. We must ready to left from the rumors where and when we heard. Each of us must take a pledge and abide wholeheartedly, for no news without documentary evidence and that we will not interfere in any activity that promotes rumors.
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    Rumours are common on nowadays. These rumours in form of information, news, videos etc are uploaded on social media. What may be the intention of the person/group that is spreading rumours is disclosed later and sometimes, rumours die without knowing their reason of spreading. Who spread these rumours? We don't know but these people should be punished. We don't hear that police arrested these people, however, in some specific cases these people are traced and are arrested. Why everybody who spreads fake news is not arrested I don't know what is the reason behind this respite. All these culprits brought to law.

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    I do not understand what people enjoy spreading rumors, it is a type of crime that mentally damages normal people. These days, when a virus has created a ruckus all over the world, how can the thoughts of spreading rumors come to the mind of such people on the other side. A few days ago, a false rumor that was putting lemon juice in the nose will correct the corona, how many people have been hurt by such false effusions, but still, people have not stopped from doing such activities. With such people, they give those people who forward such runoff without thinking and contribute to giving wrong information to the sari world without full knowledge. The solution to this problem should be that a person should also use his knowledge, do not forward any news without concrete facts. If you have to do, then send such news forward which will give positive information to the front, and do not be afraid or force them to take wrong steps.

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    As author says that arrresting of rumours needed to preventing to divert the actual facts. But now, social media could not be adhere to express actual thing happened in the society. Therefore, people could not think seriously about the present situation. Lockdowns, Curfews make people to be disciplined but actual discipline takes place when the people consider their life and others as important.
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    The only possible way to arrest the spreading of rumours would be by being prudent enough to analyse reports or pieces of information logically and making an effort to find out the truth before becoming a link in the chain that is instrumental in spreading rumours. Let stop, look and go be our policy. Let us not be infatuated with the 'forward'/ 'share' buttons.
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    Rumors have become common on social media. The best way of arresting the spread of rumors is to first analyze the content and verify whether it is genuine news or a rumor. One should not blindly forward suspectable news to others by any media. There are some websites that analyze the news items on social media to find whether it is genuine or fake.
    Recently BJP shared a document called 'Covid toolkit" attributing it to the Congress party on social media. This was done by the Team Bharat and shared on Twitter by the office bearers of the BJP like Sambit Patra, Smriti Irani, Tirath Singh Rawat, Piyush Goyal, Rajyavardhan Rathore, Tejasvi Surya, Kiren Rijiju, Anurag Thakur, Hardeep Singh Puri, and others, to malign the Congress party. This became viral on social media. The Congress party reported to Twitter. Twitter after getting it verified, found it to be created on a forged Congress letterhead. Twitter issued 'Manipulated Media' Warning to BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra's 'Toolkit' Tweet.

    By reporting to social media like Twitter or Facebook, one can see that action is taken on the people spreading fake news.

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