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    Are you a Crorepati or Millionaire or Billionaire or Lakhpati?

    There was a time when we wanted to become Lakhpati. Because, Lakh was a great amount to possess. Everyone dreamt of becoming a lakhpati in their life.
    But now, Lakhpati has lost its value, and almost everyone is a Millionaire(Anyone possessing wealth worth Rupees 10 lakhs is a Millionaire. In metropolis(Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta Chennai,Bengaluru) and in large cities anyone who is owning a house is a Millionaire. The olden days Lakhpaties are crorepatis now.

    What are you today? A lakhpati, Millionaire, Crorepati or Billionaire?

    I am alone a Millionaire today. My village home itself worth Rs. 20 Lakhs. My good old Padmini is worth One lakh (A vintage vehicle)
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    One lady after met her friends a year after her marriage. She told them, 'My husband is a lakhpathi after our marriage'. Astonished friends asked her what was he before marriage. This lady simply told,'He was a Crorepathi'.

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    That is true. We can't say what we are. Money is not stationary. Today we may have a lakh. But what happens tomorrow is not known. So we should not count on the money and we should be cautious while spending. How money comes and how it goes is not known. Many people say this.
    always confident

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    Middle class people cannot be millionaire or crorepathi, but can be Lakhpathi by virtue of good saving habit for the future especially the marriage. What I always felt that those who have purchased or brought the properties or sold properties and put the money in the bank during the period 1980 and 1985 was the boom period for India and they are now the crorepathi. Now the people are knowing the value for the money as they are not indulging in spent thrift way as future is bleak and more wanting. Therefore instead of boasting money, we should allocate them for future exigencies and emergencies.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Only time will tell our status. For many people time favoured them and they retired from their service with crore of rupees approx two crores in SAIL taking into their PF, Gratuity, VPF etc after rendering their service for almost thirty two years. In our case, the accumulated fund did not exceed fifty lakhs for the same period in 2010. Hence time is great factor. The same is true for the property as well. In Bengaluru near Koramangala, three bedded flats in 2010 costed 80 lakhs but if purchase in the current time, it would be 1.80 crore. Hence our worth increases with time. The real mantra is to keep yourself invested.

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    Everybody wants to earn money to have a comfortable life for himself and his family. Being lakhpati or carorepati or arabpati or kharabpati etc is related to concerned person. All accumulated wealth, property, land, business empire etc will be left behind and he /she will go empty handed. So I don't think we should focus on worldly status. An old song of a Hindi movie remind us about reality of this worldly life:

    Ye zindagi ke mele duniya me kam na honge afsos ham na honge...

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