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    When you are going to vegetable market.....

    Normally ladies go to market for buying vegetables for house but in some houses only gents are going to market. Famous Spiritual speaker late Shri kirupanantha variar once told in his discourse about the market going habit in gents. He told when a lady goes to market she will buy whatever the family members likes but if a gents going to market he bought only whatever he likes. When I go to market I used buy vegetables according to the liking of our family persons rather than mine (I have no bias in any vegetable is a different story). How our ISC friends do in this case.
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    This is a fine difference presented by the author. I am not sure whether such a difference really exists between the genders while picking vegetables. As far as I am considered I bring vegetables as per the need of the family and liking of the family members.
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    Vegetable vendors and hawkers come in our area. So, all ladies buy vegetables for their respective families, however, sometimes when they don't come then I go to buy some vegetables and which vegetables are to be purchased, my wife tells me and thpurchase I buy it. My wife never goes to market to buy vegetables, rather no women to vegetable shops/market to buy vegetables.

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    Many times my wife and I used to go together to the market for purchasing vegetables. I only accompany her and she will select and purchase. Generally, I have no role to play except holding the bags and paying the money. Sometimes she alone will go. Very rarely I go alone to the market. Those times I sit with her in the house and make a list of vegetables required with quantities and I purchase those and come back. So there is no question of purchasing whatever I want. I purchase whatever my wife decides only will be purchased. For the last year, we are ordering online and we are not going to the market.
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    Mostly I go to the market to buy vegetables. Wives rarely go out for such purchases. Whether it is a vegetable, a grocery, or something else, it is common to prepare a list by my wife when I go shopping. So it does not make a difference whether I like it or any members of our house like it. There is also a facility where men can go inside the shop and check out the vegetables and buy them. So I do not have to buy anything that the shopkeeper gives you and bring it home. We can buy things that are worth the money we give them.
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    In my house the vegetables are fetched by me and I know the taste of all four members and accordingly the vegetables are picked and purchased. There are some vegetables which is liked by my children and me and not my wife, like Brinjal which I fetch occasionally. General vegetables like Ladies finger, bitter guard, bottle guard. cabage, gobi, tomatto, Dosakai and cucumber are always needed alongwith Aloo and onion. There fore seasonal vegetables like carrot and beet root are added to the above varieties and our daily menus go rounds on these vegetables and some times avial, the mixed variety curry is prepared for which all the vegetables would be added. Nevertheless for me tomatoo chutnee , ladies finger curry and rasam would be enough to finish the day's meal. And my wife also makes the vegetable biryani adding all the vegetables with mutter on some days and that would be liked by all.
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    Before I leave my house for vegetable marketing, I will ask my good lady to give me a list of vegetable to be purchased. If I buy vegetables on my own, she would question me as to why I did not buy such and such item. Of course, I would buy some additional vegetables of my choice. I greatly respect my wife in this aspect.
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