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    Why many people compels others to do immediately

    I am seeing many people compels others to do immediately whatever they says. My uncle used to force me to lock the house gate immediately after the visitor or guest or servant maid gone though i told him that we all of us in the house and what would be the urgent to lock the gate. But he do not accept.
    Some people ask others to come immediately on their calling without giving time to others by thinking their position or situation.
    When we are working in computer the house persons asking us to have bath immediately, to have lunch immediately without giving time to finish the work in hand or even to close the computer.
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    This happens many times in many houses. My father also does the same thing. By 8 PM in the night he wants all the gates to be locked. We tell him that we are not going to sleep immediately. We will lock and go to sleep. Meanwhile, there may be some requirement. But he will not accept. We have to lock the gates. Many times we will be forced to open them again and lock them before we sleep.
    Ladies in the house will have their planning. They will stick to that planning and don't want to deviate from that. So they want others to respond immediately once they call us. Anyhow, we have to respond positively to their demands.
    Many bosses in the office also will be having this habit. They will give some work to the subordinates and start following up till we complete the work as promised. This is the human tendency I think.

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    Some. people heckle others, it annoys them. Generally, it is observed that when some people have reached retirement age then they become the singular type of people and they keep on nagging others- unnecessarily.
    I take these people as patients. They should be treated empathetically. These old people irritate other members of the family because infirmities of old age make them feeble and weak, not only physically but also mentally. I appreciate all the people who don't say any word to these old people and tolerate every annoying activity from them and they control their anger. and do forget to respect their old. people.

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    Nice post from the author and I too experienced the fact that people do order us immediately not giving us chance to finish the task at the hand. Now I am doing work from home and calls keep coming, had to reply through whatapp complaints and also attend to Youtube complaints and suggestions. But the house holds does not know all these, as soon as the food is ready, she wants me to join at once. It cannot be done as I may be in the middle of call, or writing a response to the complaint or writing a redressal on the complaint received. But again we should adjust our work in such a way that others are not kept waiting for the sake of us.
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    The author has described the situation of almost every family through his post. It is true that one or the other member in the family is like this, and if not in the family, then someone of an acquaintance who wants to get everything done immediately. I have understood so much that such people have been very principled in their own lives and perhaps they must have had the same attitude towards everything, so they need every work immediately. Some people do not like to postpone the works, if they have to do that work themselves, then they are not lazy and in such a situation, the expectations of these people are similar to other people. The problem is that the gap between the two genres now coming up is bringing a big change in thoughts. Many places expect the same from older children as they were in their youth, energetic and excited, and this is true, but today's youth is becoming more of a little lazy trend and avoiding has become the first weapon for them.

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    Some people are very disciplined while some take things lightly. In some families especially on holidays the housewives will ask everyone to get ready for the breakfast but only a few will turn up in time. Others will say that they will be coming after 15 minutes or to avoid the confrontation some people will say that they are not feeling to eat though after another half an hour they will come to kitchen and start searching eatables. So problem is basically of discipline and some elders know this tendency well and ask or force people to take up an activity immediately. Some younger people will not like this but to respect the elders they will keep quiet. By telling someone to do the things immediately it a type of pressure that sits on the head of that person and he is forced to complete his action hurriedly and come to attend the scheduled activity. Very few people are disciplined and to them no one can ask to do a thing hurriedly because in most of the cases they might had done that well before.
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