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    Our additional precautions during the covid situation

    As almost all states in our country facing critical situations, we, as a citizen, should extend our hands to reduce the cruel effects of Covid along with the Governments.
    Besides to the country level, to keep our family and personal level out of danger or crisis, we should take additional precautions. They are
    1. We should keep all our house persons especially children in the house itself by preventing going out of the house even though we are living apartments. We should care our children not mingling with other children in the apartments or roadside, not allowing to eat outside in order to safe both side.
    2. Never send the children to shop to buy for you or for their own. Please keep an eye on them.
    Daily we can swipe the grounds of the house with insecticide mixed water
    3.Getting our Groceries, Vegetables in advance by avoiding to go for shop daily or frequently.
    4. Ordering through online also can be done in advance as the providers could delay due to lack of persons to bring or lack of stock in their hand etc.,
    5. Keep general medicines in the house itself that too at the level of out of reach to small children.
    6. Never put your mobiles or landlines unpicked as you may lost getting some important informations
    7.Do not keep your mobiles locking with passwords or patterns as it swallows our patience in urgent.
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    Author has given very good suggestions as to how to take precautions during the covid situation. As the entire family members are at home, there is additional burden on the part of house wife to prepare more food, often some varieties and also prepare snacks now and then. There is everyone getting chance of putting weight as more homely food would also increase the fat and body weight. Therefore exercise inside the home or some yoga exercise would go well and children need to play inside the house or else they get bored or want to view tv continously. So we have to be more careful in every way.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has given some good suggestions to follow during the COVID times in our houses. We should not allow children out of our house at any cost. But some parents started sending them to schools before the lockdown is implemented for the second wave. Similarly, we should see that children will not mingle with unknown people.
    It is a general practice in our house to keep some normal general use medicines like paracetamol in our house and we continue doing that. I feel all should follow all the suggestions mentioned by the author so that we will be safe. Stay home and stay safe.

    always confident

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    The suggestions offered by the author during the current time is very much relevant. We should avoid going outside taking note of the situation.The essential medicines and groceries are to be placed for order in advance so that the articles which we require is available to us in time. Vegetables and fruits may not be as fresh as it was earlier in the normal circumstances but any some platforms are offering you quality vegetables in your own areas.
    The children would like to play outside and hence encourage them to play safety at home during this crucial period.

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    The advice given by the author is really commendable, even though the situation is not very good at this time, but even if we look at the cases coming daily, it is understandable that the situation is already improving. This improvement indicates that due to the seriousness in the protocols followed by people in the last few days, there has been a decrease in cases, but if it is maintained then one should expect better in the future. Even if the situation gets better, but go out of the house only when necessary work is done. Don't make the mistake of meeting someone outside without a mask, wait a little longer to get together with your family and friends. Do not even do basic rules like handwash, sanitation, etc. Take special care of children at home, they are still the weakest victim. And most importantly, be positive and update with every health-related guideline but don't be negative yourself or do it with those of you.

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    I appreciate the author for giving these good suggestions. But important point is that we should not be overly protectitive as it may create panic. We should take it cautiously though but in a normal way. Most of us are inside our homes. We should try to create a happy atmosphere within the four walls. We should meet people in person also if we happen to have chance and spend some time together, however, following covid protocols too.
    I don't think that children should not be allowed to play together. Children should be taught how to interact with people and what precautions they should take while talking with their friends or playing with them.
    We should not make their lives hell. They should spend their time in a normal way. If we don't allow our children, it is possible that all our neighbours might be thinking in the same way. They will.also stop their children to play with our children.

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    Very good and valuable tips shared by the author in this post. We are going through a very bad phase of our lives and there is a threat of the virus everywhere. In this situation it is important that people should take all care and observe to safety rules and regulations as laid out by the Govt time to time. It is difficult to contain and arrest oneself in the house but it is the demand of the situation and to save the humans on this planet, all of us have to seriously and sincerely resort to the only method today available to stop the spread of this virus. Let us follow all these guidelines including the ones given in this post and contribute our bit.
    Knowledge is power.

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