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    An effort, in this way, for vaccination.

    Today I got vaccinated, but this thread of mine is not because I have been telling my vaccination status but because I want to share this process of registration, so that, other people who are in the age group of 18 to 45 can also register for the vaccine.
    I and my siblings had been trying continuously for 10 days, but all the nearest centers were getting full in a few minutes at the base of the location pin. Yesterday we changed the effort a bit and instead of the PIN code we saw the centers at the district level, and focused on the centers which were slightly outer, and we got quickly booking in a center.
    The center was in the out from the main city, so the crowd was not too much and today the whole process of vaccination was done in a very relaxed and convenient manner. If you are also facing registration problems in your city and you want to get vaccinated as soon as possible, then you should also focus on the centers available outer of the city, maybe it will work for you also.
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    Nice tip from the author and surely this would go a long way to help those from 18 years to 45 to get vaccinated at those center which are away from the city and no crowd. For example my boy is due for vaccination and we live near to Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy and Medchal district. For us any center would be good to go and vaccine. But the problem is that if one youth gets vaccinated fast, the information shared on social media and thus rush makes in every area where it was either too free and less crowd. Nevertheless vaccinating 90 lakh youth per day would be big task for the govt and even small doctors should be given rights to vaccinate, otherwise the targets cannot be acheived. And colony community halls should be taken and one nurse for 1000 population daily can be planned with orderly manner door wise numbers.
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    This is how many people are doing. My old father and mother are to be vaccinated, All the centres are full. Then what we did is we identified a nearby village where there is no crowd at all. My son went first and got their names registered. He phoned up and I took them and got the vaccination done on both of them. After vaccination, we waited there in our car for 30 minutes and came back. I am happy that the author got her vaccination done easily without spending much time.
    I have to get my second dosage. But for Covishield the second dose will be given only after 12 weeks. I have completed 6 weeks and I have to wait for another 6 weeks. It is better all people should go for vaccination at the earliest so that we will not have the fear of the virus.

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    The only way to get rid of the corona virus is to be vaccinated at the earliest and hence timely vaccination is the only solution. In respect of the second dose of covishield, the duration has been extended from 28 days from the first dose to three months. Hence even if I have taken the first dose of covishield in March 20, I will have to wait till I am eligible for the second dose. The first dose was administered without any inconvenience though rush for the vaccination was noticed. However, in Bengaluru the crisis of dose is being felt currently. Let us hope that it will be streamlined within two weeks or so.

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    It is a good tip from the author. There is huge crowd on registration and get vaccinated done .In outer areas or rural area is still open to other people to ever registration.
    It is being said that vaccination is the only solution to fight against this deadly virus. This whole process of vaccination should be expanded on a large scale in rural areas also.
    People who are coming from other parts of the country are also carrying virus with them. It happened in our town that those who came from Delhi and other parts of nearby states spread this virus.

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    In the main cities and town centres there is a big rush and people have to wait for a long time to get a slot for vaccination as the slots are full within minutes of registration opening. This problem is felt everywhere and creating more rush and crowd next time. Now slowly more centres are coming in action and the situation should ease out especially when the large consignment of the vaccines being imported reaches these centres. Govt is doing all efforts in this direction and trying to get vaccines from all the possible sources outside and hopeful the situation would become better in coming times. Meanwhile as suggested by the author trying for a vaccine slightly away in a location where rush is not there makes sense and one can try that option also to get the vaccine in time. This is more important for those people who are going to have their second shot so that they become safe against this virus. There are many vaccine consignments in pipeline and I hope that situation would improve.
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    This method was adopted by many known to me. Some of them had gone to places 5okm and more hiring taxi.
    When I was trying to register for my second dose, this was the situation. One day I remained alert before my desktop for about five or six hours and could not get a slot in any nearby places. But there were a lot o vacant slots in some villages 30 to 40 kms away, near coastal areas or hilly areas etc. But reaching there on time was not an easy task in the present situation. So I conveyed these details to my ward member and asked him to take up the matter at suitable platforms.
    Like me, many people had reacted and even spread the issue in social media too.
    So in Kerala now, the local ward members and Asha workers are involved in this regard. Each ward is given a specific number of doses as per availability. The ward member and asha workers have to inform and choose the eligible as per priority. This may continue till there is sufficient availability of vaccine doses. I got my second dose in this arrangement only , as they gave priority to senior citizen and second dose needing people.

    Now Covaxin is only available for the time being. My wife has yet to get slot for Covishield second dose. Now that they have made it 7 weeks it may take longer. for het to get it.

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    This is not a new suggestion, as mentioned by Venkiteswaran. In fact, the media reported that because people from the metros are rushing to the smaller towns and rural areas, the locals there are resenting it because then they do not get the vaccine shots that have been allocated to their area. There has also been criticism of the inequitable distribution of the vaccines between cities and towns/villages.
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    An interesting report was shared with me just today, titled 'Tech savvy Indians drive to villages for Covid-19 vaccinations' It speaks not only about people going on a long road trip to get a vaccine, but also how people without smartphones cannot even register for the vaccine in the first place and hence so many in India will be bereft of getting a shot. It is sad that, while we move towards getting things done faster through technology, the large majority of our people are left in the lurch.
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    I do not mean here to go to rural areas and get vaccines that are already allotted for the villagers, I mean only the centers available within the limits of your city which are under 5 to 6 kilometers from your residential area. Getting vaccinated in rural areas, while you are a resident of the city itself, is unethical.

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