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    RSS feeling dejected with the performance of PM Modi

    We all know that If PM Modi won and wrested the chair of highest office of the country, it was because of wholesome and true support from the RSS cadre. But over the past few weeks the handling of Covid situation across the country has created dejected moments inside the RSS and they are slowly drifting away from him. Having sensed this, PM has urgently arranged video conference with all the CM's across the country today and took stock of the situation and made appeal that drugs and vaccines should not be sold in black market.
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    I don't know how far it is true. I have not heard much about this. In fact early this year RSS praised the government for its good job and achievements. But probably some may be upset with the 2nd wave. I feel BJP top leaders should come out and speak what are the works that are being done by the central government. The powers of handling the pandemic have been given to the States and the centre is monitoring giving help wherever required. Basically, the responsibility is with the states and they should plan their actions.
    It is good that the Prime Minister conducted an all Chief Minister's meeting and has taken the position and advised them suitably. Either the State government or the Central government alone can't do anything. People should cooperate with the situation and conduct themselves safely. Otherwise, no person can control. All states are on lockdown now. But during the morning hours when the people are allowed to come out for purchases, people are gathering and not following any precautions. If this nature is not changed no person can bring the situation under control.

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    I do not think that RSS is drifting away from the present regime just because there are problems in the country. RSS was there surviving with its own identity and today also they do not have any direct link with Mr Modi as far as their strength and position is considered. Even after this Govt is out from the ruling position, RSS will have same glory. The RSS members are very disciplined and have strong convictions and have an ideology of preserving Hindu culture and heritage. They have deep roots in many parts of country and the beauty is that they do not go for violent means to reach their goal or objective.
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    Also I have heard that RSS is not happy with central government and central leadership of bjp. Opposition parties are also claiming that central government could not cope with second surge of coronavirus. It is very unfortunate that people are dying due to lacking of medicine or oxygen or even bed.

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    RSS is justified in feeling dejected with the performance of Modiji. All talk and no action. The RSS and BJP are interdependent. United they stand and divided they fall. They have to bear with each other. If they feel unhappy with each other and go their own ways, there is no loss only benefit to the country.
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