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    Salaries to teachers and non teaching staff should not be stopped

    Taking excuse under the present situation of online classes , the school managements were unable to serve the students to their personal attention and could not collect fees due to paucity of teachers and non teaching staff at the school. In this situation many schools either giving half salary or no salary to teachers and non teaching staff and that is not acceptable because, the teachers are doing their service from the home and non teaching staff are called to keep the school opened. Therefore it is imperative for the school to pay salaries in time without any excuse.
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    The author is correct. Teachers and non-teaching staff should be given salaries without fail. Many schools are not paying salaries even after getting all the money they have to get from the students. Because of online classes, there is a reduction in the expenditure for running the school. That is an advantage for them. They are not providing internet or smartphones to their teachers to conduct online classes. The teachers are using their own phone and laptops and taking classes. But they are not getting any recognition for their good work and not even getting their salaries. The management should understand the difficulties of these people and pay full salaries without any deductions. In Telangana, the State government announce some monetary benefits to teachers and non-teaching staff working in Private Schools. But I don't know how many received this benefit. The financial position of many people is getting worst and we may see many people starving for their food.
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    It is really an important and serious matter that teachers are not getting their salaries even after completing their online teaching jobs. One thing which seems to be surprising in this matter is as why the schools are not able to collect the fees when there are so many payment channels and digital payments have become so common. I do not think that all the schools were not able to collect fees. There could be some other reasons and those things are to be found by the school management and if there are some teething trouble in making payment then that is to be resolved on priority.
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    I agree with the author that salaries should be given to all teaching and non teaching staff in private schools. It is being heard that management has taken full fee from parents of the students but staff is given salaries. This is injustice against them. Giver ment should appoint any authority for this situation where grievances of private sector employees may be heard.
    Management should also consider how their employees bear the expenses of their families, especially, those employees who have no other source of income .

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    I totally agree with the author, no one should stop the salary of teachers whether they are government or non-government teachers. When the pandemic started, every field getting affected but the education system had a big challenge to manage the study of many students and in this challenge, teachers play the most important role during online classes. we know that it's is not too easy to teach children in online classes but still, teachers do this very well. When many parents are paying fees on time the why school management has any issue to pay the salary of teachers. This is complete injustice with teachers if they are not getting their salary.

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