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    "Practice makes a man perfect" needs to be redfined.

    It is very common and old saying that, practice makes a man perfect. But I sometimes feel that it needs to be redefined. As practice can be for any purpose that is for good doings and wrong doings, but if someone practices wrong doings again and again then it's can never leads to his perfection. It's true that practice leads to perfection but it must be clarified that for what purpose practice is being done. So I think that only, "Practice for good purpose and clarified jobs makes a man perfect."
    Here clarified means that doer must be well clarified. For instance a cricketer practices hard for singing then it leads to neither perfection in his field of cricket nor in singing. So doer must be well clarified with his thoughts.So practice hard for right purpose to be on the right track of perfection.
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    In a nutshell the author wants to say , do not be jack of all and master of none !. It is the fact that we are overwhelmingly interested in many works and trades and wants to learn more. In that process we evince interest on some as more liking, some with average liking and many with no interest at all. And those jobs with good liking and dedication are surely going to be superlative and productive because, we have been dedicating our life for the perfection and that cannot go waste. One thing is sure, with every practice of perfection, we have to achieve the next level success and not the stagnated success , othewise our progress is not noticed at all. By the way our every perfection should save time and money to the company in which we are working , otherwise, our idea of new practice would be rejected and even scolded for wasting self time and others time down the line.
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    When we do work repeatedly we will become perfect in that work and the way in which we did. If we do a wrong thing many times it will become our habit to do that work in that way. So it is always learning the way how we should work and then practice. You will be perfect in the right jobs and the right methods.
    When we see a book and read it a number of times. we will byheart what we read. But while reading we read wrongly without seeing the book we will not recognise the mistake and go on reading in the same way. Even somebody says there is a mistake correcting will become very difficult.
    One should not practice wrong things. First of all, ensure that what you are doing is the correct way of doing it and then practice that. When we practice certain things, we will become very perfect in that and we can perform that action easily without any deviation.

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    There is no doubt that practice is going to make anyone perfect, no matter what the doer is doing. Yes, the most important thing is to decide in which direction a person wants to reach so that all his energy can be used in that particular direction.

    Most of the time it takes time to know what a person wants to achieve in their life. So one keeps wandering here and there until it comes to the point from where a new journey begins for him. It should be noted that every knowledge is going to help him at some point in his life. So never underestimate the power of practice, no matter whether one is confused whether it is futile or fruitful. Any practice done for the purpose of knowledge is going to bear fruit in future.


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    This most common saying does not explain good deeds or bad deeds, it is just about work and practice. When we do any work on a daily basis we get command on it automatically and that is why we feel like a perfect person or perfection for any specific task. It could be anything, office work, household work, even our writing work. As the author mentioned " Practice for good purpose and clarified jobs makes a man perfect", is also not a bad idea but we can not relate both sayings as both are giving different lessons. As far as good purpose job is concerned we should always try to make it possible because whenever we do anything our deeds affected many people so we should try to do such deeds that will not harm others When our practice is making a good example in the society also than it is actually more perfect because it also aware to other people for practicing same things.

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    This is a general phrase and is true for all sort of things or tasks good or bad. A thief does not leave any trail of his actions back at the scene of the robbery because with practice he had become expert in that. Perfection is something which comes with experience and experience is enriched when we do same things multiple times. It is also true that as a good human being we must do practice for doing good things for the benefit of self as well as the society. At the same time blind repetitions would not help much in the matter as learnings from the past mistakes and incorporating remedies for them in our present similar endeavours will be of much use in the real life scenarios.
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    Yes, of course! "Practice makes a man perfect in that"
    One will be perfect in whatever he practices many times. It has not changed and there is no need for change. What needs to change is our thinking. The problem is that our thinking travels only one way. Whether the problem is good or bad, you can become proficient in it by practicing it again and again. The more times you practice, the more perfect you will become. If we practicing is a bad thing then we will be perfect in that. If you practice in a good thing, you will be perfect in it. It's hard to say perfect because it's a bad thing, but it's should be accepted as perfect.

    No practice is perfecting a person, he is only perfect for what he has practiced. If one wants to be fully perfect, the only way is to make his entire imperfect areas turn to perfect one by one through practice. It is misunderstood that there is no perfection in practicing bad things because this thought is borne in mind.

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    It is an adage that practises makes a man perfect. It does not mean he has become infallible, rather, he will perform a specific activity easily. I have watched a few videos of some funambulists, who could walk on a tightrope as if they were walking on the road but some of them died while performing their skills. They could not keep their balance and fell down.
    It is observed that those students who have an interest in mathematics become expert in solving all questions of their book. They become perfect. All difficult questions become easy for them.

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