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    When it comes to learning, what are yours 3's?

    Play, practice, perfect!

    Play: Playing phase in which one gets acquainted with the matter without having any goal in mind. It is more of building an active, healthy, and entertainment environment. In this technique, there is no success and failure in the mind, but only the pleasure of play. Playing without any prejudice about the subject makes it easy to discover many things and as a result, the person becomes more interested in them.

    Practice: Once interest is generated among us, we start practicing on many aspects of that particular subject. Then by practice, you need to take command of things in your hands. It's the best time to sharpening the skills. This is the phase of facing challenges, so it takes longer. During this phase of learning, the person develops patience.

    Perfect: Perfection refers to quality, experience, patience, and hard work, which is the greatest asset earned in the previous stages. This perfection is going to encourage and assist anyone throughout life. We can also give the benefit of this perfection to others. So perfection is not the end but the beginning.

    When it comes to learning, please shares your 3's with a small description of them.
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    For me my three principles are start, proceed and finish. By start I mean initiate the learning process of anything I am interested to know about. By proceed, I mean explore all the feeds and imputs about the topic or the idea on which I initiated the project. Lastly finish, what ever is started must be finished, otherwise there is no meaning for keeping it pending. But all the above criteria needs lots of spade work, home work and the urge to initiate and finish. Otherwise the work would be half acheived or hald done. One thing is sure, we have been watched by our competitors and any slow move on our side would given them more feed back to get into our work and go ahead. All the above three principles comes with lots of experience behind and a new person cannot do any work on the same principle so if some body wants to ape my ideal , then they may fail.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has explained the process of learning very well. Definitely learning is a three-stage process. Read, understand and improve. These are the three stages in any learning. These are three-stage even in learning a game how to play.
    When we take a book we read the preface first to know what is all about the book. Then we give a reading. Then you start reading sentence by sentence to understand the whole issue. Once you understand it you will try further how to improve. What further readings are required to be perfect in the subject?
    A teacher will explain the subject, then we will go through the textbooks and understand the subject. Then we will read reference books to get more information about the concerned matter and improve further. This is the procedure we always follow.
    Even playing a game also we will know the rules by hearing from a coach or observing a game or reading a book. Then we will learn some technics from the coach and start playing and as you continue playing you will be a skilled player.

    always confident

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    Our life of childhood starts with learning and many errors do crop in and we do not leave hope and that makes the learning perfect and by virtue of it the experiences gained is immense and continued.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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