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    This time will also pass

    A businessman hosted a big party. All the locals were invited. They all came to the party. But no one had any idea that the party was for what. Someone who came to the party could not bear the curiosity and asked the businessman directly what the party was for. In response, the businessman said, "Yesterday my car crashed out by a hard accident. The car was wrecked but I, who was driving it, escaped unharmed. This party is to celebrate my escape with you."

    The choice between the two possibilities determines the true nature of life. Either we can mourn with the burden of losses, or we can continue the journey with the remaining blessings. Amid all the disappointment, particles of possibility remain. It is enough for our eyes to have the light to find such particles.

    Pruning plants are not telling the stories of cutting off twigs. Rather, it is the joy of a new beginning and the emergence of new buds. Even at the root of the cut-down tree, new shoots sprout forth and fruits in large numbers grow on it. No time will last long, whether it is good or bad. We must learn to face and survive everything. All-time will pass, this Covid's bad time as well.
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    In Tamil there is a saying, Thalaikku vanthathu thalaippagaiyOdu pochu' which means the head escaped but only turban got damaged. Similarly we have to take everything positively. We should have a positive hope that this COVID will get vanished soon.

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    Nice. Yes. The businessman is correct. He survived. If he survives there are chances he can purchase many such cars in the coming days. If he was lost in the accident, no more life for him. God helped him in coming out without getting hurt from the accident. It all depends on how you look at it. A person may see half-filled glass whereas the glass is half vacant for the other person. Both are correct. But their way of looking at things is different.
    In our life, we will be seeing many good happenings and bad happenings. But no time is stationary. It will be moving. Like day follows a night, a good happening may follow a good incident or may be a bad incident. But time will be moving only.
    Some people always look at the negatives and always worry about them. But some people don't worry much about anything and receive everything calmly. Some people keep enjoying their lives by looking at the bright spots in the darkness around them.

    always confident

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    The author has said the true thing throughout the story. The ups and downs in life will always be with us, but it depends on us how we approach every situation. We can sometimes be sad at the absence of anything but never forget that this nature has given us very extraordinary things, we should be grateful for what we have. Life always finds its way to new beginnings and we must travel with it.

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    After reading the post, the thoughts went to my own forum foot reader which says, Idhuvum Kadandhu pogum, that means even this challenging period would vanish, the same thing the author has said in the heading. One of my friend celebrates his failure in the life and office with special biryani for the day and tries to forget the sorrow moment and I appreciate this great trait because, when we are happy we are celebrating the things within us and not revealing to any one and when we are sorrow, we tend to say to everyone and in this case celebrating for new lease of life is something unheard and different too. It all needs a broad mind to take the issues into stride. Normally we get dejected over the accident and feel for the loss of assent which reduced to nothing, but here he forgotten the loss in the guise of being alive for the rest of life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is just part of life. We can't predict what is going to happen next day, even next moment. We live in present with this hope that everything will be o.k. Trials and tribulations come and go. Covid19 is also a form of trials and tribulations and if you are not an atheist then you can take it as Wrath of God that pitcher of our sins is overbrinked. Now time has come to repent from sinning. We have to be good human beings. Anyways, whether or not think this issue from this angle, the significant point is that we have to fight against this deadly virus which has changed this world. This has patch will also go. Time does not stop, it is water of the river which always keeps on moving. Coronavirus has been troubling us for more than one year and we don't know how long we will have to bear it.

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