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    Encashing the chance available in others fire

    There is a saying that 'erikira nerupplil kolli kettanaam' that means a man asking fire to lit his cigar from a person whose house is getting damaged in fire.
    Like this, nowadays,we can see almost all normal advertisements of soaps, pastes, cleaning agents etc., availing the gap by mentioning that their product contains 99.9 % facility for covid protection. It is puzzling us whether to cry or laugh.
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    The same saying is there in Telugu. Some people try to utilise the problems of others for their profit or use. These days all the people are worried about Corona. So all the sellers want to say somehow that their product is good at fighting this virus. But I don't think people are so innocent to believe all such advertisements.
    People are making money by selling medicines at a higher price. Even though the other person is suffering, they don't bother. Their ambition is to make hay while the sun shines. But one should see light on the fire of houses of others. That is not human A human being may not always behave as a human.
    A human being should be human. But that quality is not appearing these days in many of us. For many, money is all in their lives. The present situation is being seen by everybody. Even a person who has crores of rupees also not able to survive from this virus. That should make them understand the importance of money. But how many get this lesson is not known.

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    I am also at a loss to understand that every soap, detergent, or liquid are aiming at corona cleanser and widely given ad in the television so that the households would buy them. But these are the same products which we were buying prior to corona and how come suddenly these products become corona fighters. Nevertheless what the author said is right, every company wants to cash on the fear phobia present and thus wants to improve their sales. By the way where is the Monopoly and Restrive trade practices act is being operated. The govt is also going slow on the issue as they do not want to stop the earning spree of the companies and the same are going to fund the parties while in elections. So there is a give and take policy and the government is not taking action on wrong promises and the companies are making hay while the sun shines.
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    In Malayalam, there is a saying, 'Pura kathumpol vaazha vettuka'. There is also a saying, 'Kathunna purayil ninnum kazhukkol ooriyedkkuka'. The sound of both is the same. Do their own thing without caring about other people's problems. What name should be given to those who are eager to take advantage of the distress and pain of others and greedy to get what they want? Such people are looking for a way to own the land on which they stand, even if the earth splits.
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    Advertisements are made and displayed to attract clients. Companies sell their products and they aim to earn maximum business in the market. There is nothing wrong if they are using corona to improve their business. I hardly purchase anything because of advertisement shown on television. I prefer to see the qualities of the required products instead of being impressed by advertisement.

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    Some people have nothing to do with anyone's grief, apart from their own gain and selfishness. Some businesses are made only for the situation when others have time to suffer and they can benefit themselves. In fact, we can see these two types of aspirations. Firstly, these businesses like soap, or other means which give disinfection drugs, make products in our interest that can save us from harm and secondly companies making such products may be waiting for when people get the maximum benefit from contagion or sickness. These days, it is the condition of health-related companies, pharma companies, companies related to various safe types of equipment, etc. to attract more customers and make a profit through maximum productivity on this platform. A fake market for sanitizer and fake masking is also found a lot these days. But the extent was reached when drugs and injections also started selling counterfeits, it became the biggest blot in the name of humanity.

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