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    How to survive when working from home with kids?

    For the past year since the Covid-19 crisis, children have been unable to go to school. Since classes and exams are conducted online, children will always be at home. But, This is a big problem for parents who have to work from home. All the office works should be handled from home. In the meantime, many were tired of working as they had to do housework and caring for children at the same time. With the closure of schools, children no longer have online classes. In such a situation, how can we arrange things in a way that is conducive to the growth of children without increasing screen time?

    To get rid of this problem, what small works can children be assigned in their spare time? Can share your opinion here?
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    This is very important problem being faced by the working parents who have school going children and now their schools are shut for varied reasons. What I suggesst that each child has the talent hidden in him or her and we should try to bring the same. For example, some may be good at creating paintings, some are good at drawing, some are good at playing games and bringing laurels to the school and parents and some are good at essay writing etc. Parents need to identify those talent and keep the chlldren busy so that they would not disturb our work from office challenges. Some children love plants and want to garden them during the leisure and as a parent we should give them chance to plant new sappings and nurture the plants. All these are small traits which we can develop in every child and that makes new learning and we keep ourselves busy.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is a problem faced by many people these days. More than gents, ladies are suffering. It is very tough for working ladies. Children are not going to schools, the husband is not going to the office and working from home only. The working lady has to work for the office as well for the home from home only. The workload on her will be tremendous. In some houses, I have seen people are not purchasing any food items ready to eat from outside with a fear of the virus. In such houses, we see some ladies always busy in their kitchens only.
    The best way to face this situation is by sharing work. One should not think that the housework is only for ladies. They should also help their ladies in all possible ways. Not asking for teas and coffees many numbers times is a great help to them. Gents can take care of the studies of the children while the lady will be making food for all. Another way is to arrange home tuition for the kids and the teacher should be from the same locality who can come and teach. A known person is always better in these virus times.

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    It is really a tough situation in the family when the husband is working from home and at the same time the kids are in the homes due to closure of the schools. This has created severe strain to the house wives. They need to look everything for each member. If no help is forthcoming from the remaining members, it would be difficult for to manage the work especially when there is no maid reporting for home chores. Sharing the jobs among the members would lessen her burden and the kids would certainly the new allocation of the jobs if done uniformly.

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    I guess if there are more than one children in the house they can be taught indoor games like ludo, chess and carom which will keep them Away from phone and laptop screens and also keep them engaged. And if there id only one child he/ she should be given story books, novels and short stories to read but not on the pdf formats but in the paper back form like the older days and conventional books. You can also buy an encyclopedia book which will not only keep them engaged but also provide them with vast amount of knowledge.
    And if after work you have some energy you can play games like Badminton and cricket on terrace or lawn, it will not only make the children happy but also fresh up your mood.

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    When working parents are there in the house, children feel happy and they do not know the parents are busy with their work, we must adjust and play with themnow and then to kill their boredom.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Perhaps the author has been facing this problem in her family since the inception of the lockdown. I don't think most of the people are working from home. Nowadays all schools are closed because of summer vacation. I don't know if schools are still opened in the author's state or area. No online classes are going on in our state. Anyways, if this question which the author has raised how to handle this situation if spouses are working from home and children are studying online. I think we should take it in the normal way. There is nothing to think too much about it. Parent/s should spend their time with children. Fill their mind with moral teachings, good stories and play with them and let them play if there are several children. Arrange some indoor games like carom board, badminton etc if possible. Don't make their life boring. Also, parents should give them free space and their space should not be encroached by parents.

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    I am surprised at the use of word survive. I am sure what the author meant was 'how to manage..". It could also be a conscious use to convey the severity of the issue at her end.

    Yes, every one in this world are suffering one way or the other during this pandemic since more than one year. Initially it was some relief and thrill and so eagerly awaited opportunity for many, especially the households where al m,embers are out for most of the day time and get a family gathering time very little. Children also got an unexpected break from classroom studies and boring home work.

    But all these happiness were short lived as people started to yearn for face to face meeting and interaction at their workplaces, clubs, beaches, walking times etc.and children also missed the most loved group plays.

    Women who wanted their husband s at home early from office now found it irritating that their husbands are always at home. Suddenly each one fund lacking in personal space.
    In large cities like Mumbai where even a one BHK house is a luxury,, space became the biggest problem. In such homes the husband and wife manged somehow to get some private personal time and space after children had gone to school or had gone out to play,or elders had gone to temples etc. Suddenly all such personal private space became unavailable. This would be causing great stress and strain in many households and relationships. Only a wider and deep study can bring out the real effect of this.

    There may be many such varied issues people may be facing which we may not be familiar.Hence I can understand the emotion and spirit behind the thread message.

    However, I have seen kids are also very much impacted by the lockdown and restriction and all bad news being shown in TVs during this time. But somehow they just manage with the only feeling that parents are with them full time. Hence parents also should take it that way and feel happy that children are with them full time. Use the opportunity to enjoy together in and with whatever they have and are and improvising.

    Let us pray, for the world becoming normal as early as possible.

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    The family should find time to sit with the kids an talk about their family lineage, look at old photos and albums,and understand more about their family events, family tree and traditions. Elders can recite stories and poems and lessons they heard in their childhood times. Kids can be involved in small household works including planning for next day's food menu, cleaning etc and given small chores without scolding them. They may be given good stony books and cartoons, drawings etc in physical form or software. Let them talk with their friends and classmates. You also involve them in talking(Voice and video) with family relatives.

    When the restrictions ease, take them out even for a small walk, to a nearby shop or worship place following all the precautionary guidelines. Give them confidence and patience.

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    Nowadays this problem is getting very much, in such a situation people are not able to do proper planning and it is becoming very difficult to work from home. In such a situation, the output of some people may also be affected. It is also said that the child is a full-time job in itself and such a situation, handling it with the job is really a tuff task. It should be tried that parents should be normal in these situations, give as much time as they can to the children. Apart from this, parents have to order some interesting games for their children, so that the child will pass in time and the best game will be different types of puzzle games, in which children will be busier. Games related to word-making and maths are also easily available. If the child is single, then parents will have to pay a little more help for this, help the child to play, this work can be done in between their office functions.

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