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    These are the days for making pickles.

    You all know that South India especially both the Telugu States are famous for pickles. Mango pickles made in these states are very famous. Priya pickles of Eenadu Ramoji Rao are world-famous.
    It is the tradition of many families in these two states to make mango pickle and preserve them for the whole year to eat with meals. The mango crop will come in summer. So many families will get their pickles made in this season in their houses.
    Various varieties of pickles are made with mangoes. Garlic and mango pickle, Sweet mango pickle and many other varieties. Mustard, til oil, Mirchi, salt and mangoes are the common ingredients in all these varieties. Yesterday and today my house is completely busy making these pickles. How many of you will like these pickles. Freshly made mango pickle will be very tasty.
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    Rightly said by the author, this is the pickle time in all the south Indian states especially Telangana and Andhra. We are fond of so many varieties of pickles out of which raw mango. lime and chilly pickles are more famous. We also prepare Ginger pickle for the time being and for whole year, the Avakai pickle made out of sour raw mangoes are cut into pieces and soaked in pure gingely oil , red mirchi and rai powder for few days and then it is used for the serving. There are families who just cook the rice and have the curd rice with this mango pickle and finish the meals. The graze for the mango pickles in more and some house holds are expertised in preparing varied types in the same mangoes like one with only adding water and that is called Nilu pickles and that is also very tasty. What ever it is much amount has to be spent on pickles and that is for sure.
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    I remember when I used to work in Chandigarh, there was a friend of mine who belongs to Andhra. He had many types of pickles and his food was incomplete without pickles. Many times whenever I got time, I would ask for pickles from him I used to eat with parantha, which increased the taste of food manifold. He brought all kinds of pickles from his home and not only me but many friends were fans of his homemade pickles, especially mango pickles. Not only this, I like all kinds of snacks like Namkeen of South India.

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    True. Andhra is very famous for mango pickles. While I was serving in Visakhapatnam, we used to stock up mango pickles of different varieties. It is just good enough to eat rice with curd and mango pickles. It is the best all time tasty dish for the south Indians. When we have no vegetables to make curry immediately, pickle is the best substitute to compensate and provide a complete meal.
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    The Sister of my wife is an expert in making pickles. We don't know why her pickles are always tasty and never contaminate. When pickles are about to be finished she prepares one more jar of pickles for us. I like Mirch pickles, so she prepares it especially for me and she also sends mixed pickles - of radish, garlic, mangoes etc.

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    Summer is a season for various activities. House wives use this time for sun drying the grains, pulses and grinding masalas using sun dried ingredients. These materials are then stored in air tight and dry containers and tins and stored for the lean seasons especially the rainy season. Making pickles with the seasonal items like Mango are also done during this time . Other activities are making various types of papad, 'vadaams' and 'vathals'( I am not sure whether we can call them Indian Fryums).
    Mango, Indian Gooseberry ,Lemon etc are mainly used for making pickles.

    However as the present day households are all nuclear families, and in most homes both husband and wife are employed,, pickle making and such seasonal activities are not done much nowadays. Moreover due to the modern preservative technology, pickles are available throughout the year in shops. It is more convenient also. There are many established brands-local and pan Indian- in this sector.

    At our home once in a while we make pickles in small amounts using lemon, Gooseberry or Mango when they are available in the market. That is kept for short period only. For other times we buy the familiar and established brand pickles available in the market.

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    Andhra is very famous for variety of pickles and especially mango pickels. In my childhood time, my mother used to make a wide variety of mango pickels in summer time. We used to buy at least two big rice bags of mangoes. My father used to buy and bring them from nearby mango gardens. Large quantities of variety of mango pickels are made in my house that last for one year. Everyday mango pickle is a must in the meals. Iam very fond of pickels and especially mango pickels. Nowadays all ingredients for the pickle are available in the market of best brands and is very simple to make Andhra Aavakaya. Home prepared pickles are tasty as well as it costs less. Even though we reduced the use of preserved pickles, atleast we preapre one jar of Aavakaya to use it in times of need.

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    Mango pickles are liked by most of the Indian families irrespective of the regions. However, the preparation method for the mango - pickle in south and north India would vary to some extent. The variations are in the method of addition of the spices. However, the taste of the ultimate product is always fine if the preparation process is followed. Any variation in the method of the preparation may spoil the taste of the pickles. We take the advantage of the sun - ray while making pickles when the pickles in the initial stage are exposed to sun - rays regularly for at least four to five hours regularly for the complete miscibility of the spices, oil and mango pieces under the sun - rays to offer it tangy taste. Apart from it, the sun - rays would enhance the shell life of the pickles. Mango pickles are the essential items of the common men in the sense that they can finish the meals with less vegetables if pickles are included in their meals.

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    I was not aware that even in the case of pickles, the states of South India are more famous because I have seen different types of pickles being made in my family since childhood, but also in every family around me. Our pickles are also considered an important part of the meal. Every pickle has a special season, such as mango pickle is made more these days and in the cold season, a missed pickle of carrot, chili, garlic is my favorite. In our family, when someone is invited to a meal, pickles are definitely kept in a bowl with salad and papad as even today many people have their food without pickles.

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    In our country most of us relish pickles whether we make them in our house or buy from the market. They are an important part of our food and satisfy our longing for the tangy spices that we use in it. I have some interest in making pickles of various kinds albeit in small quantities which go for 1-2 weeks only. Though summer time is the best time for the pickles especially the mango pickle which is the favourite of so many but we can make some other pickles also using ginger, lemon, gooseberry, onion, garlic etc and they are really very delicious and add a great value to our foods. Personally, I like lemon and ginger pickles much though I take the mango and others also occasionally.
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    Thank you all for all your inputs. I have tasted various types of pickles in which they use items other than mangoes and they are also tasty. But those pickles can be made during other seasons but mango pickles are made mainly during summer only. I never heard about Nilu pickles and I request Mohan to give further information on this subject if available.
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    Good information about the pickles is provided in this thread. Pickles are my favourite and I cannot take food without a piece of pickle. Earlier when we were living in Gujarat state, we were preparing pickles in a big jar to be consumed in next 6 months. We used to keep the jars in sun also for few days so that it gets free of fungus or any other such threat. We prepared mainly mango and lemon pickles.
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    In Tamil there is a saying, 'Katrulla pothe thootrikkoL' which mean avail the opportunity when comes. Five years back, we have a big mango tree in our house and that tree was with plenty of raw mangoes which are best suitable for pickles. I told my wife to prepare some mangoes for our house. She crossed me on step, with the help of me and my father she prepared three big bucket full of pickles. My younger brother bought some pearlpet jars and we packed the pickles in them and handed over to all our relatives, her friends and my brother's office friends.

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