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    Keep heart clean to maintain a positive approach

    Two days ago, I witnessed an incident from my kitchen window. A lady who lives on the second floor of the opposite building of mine was cleaning her balcony. After she finished cleaning, she picked up the bucket filled with dirty water and threw it away on the road. The lady is around sixty years old, quite active, but her civic sense seems awful. A few cars were parked nearby, which received some mud-spattered marks, and the entrance of the ground floor became muddy entirely.

    I felt terrible. What type of cleaning was this? Throwing away the dirt of one's house on the road signifies a lack of civic sense. It also highlights that cleaning heart and mind is more important than just keeping the personal house clean. What do you say?
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    What should I say about this old? lady? I think she is lacking in basic manners. If you dare to say her that she should not do it again, go and say. if I were in place of you I would say politely not to throw water from her second floor down the road.

    Sometimes, we don't realise what harm we are giving to others. If someone is doing some activities which affect other people also then we must stop him from harming others, however, if his harmful activity belongs to him then I shall stay away from advising him what he should do.

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    The author is correct. One should have broad thinking. If you think your house only is yours then wanted about the other areas you are using. In an apartment common area is also you use and all the streets also are yours. The other house owners also may think like you and throw the dust onto the roadshow do you feel? Many people are like this. I have seen in many individual houses people clean their house and throw the dust on the road.
    Nowadays there is some improvement and the government is also advocating cleanliness. In many places, daily somebody is coming and collecting the waste from you. When we travel in a car also we should not throw empty covers and bottles onto the road. We should drop them in any dustbin provided in some places. Even educated people also will not follow these rules sometimes.
    I agree with the author that we should keep our heart and brain also clean. Never keep unwanted thoughts and incidents in mind. That will cause problems to us.

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    This is pathetic situation in the urban areas. The civic sense is completely absence. While cleaning their fore court, the opposite house lady used to push the garbage and waste to our house area fore court. One day I clearly observed her way of cleaning immediately taken to task. But her reply was strange. That the road belongs every one and half of the road near her house belongs to her and therefore she is keeping it clean. Then I gave the same reply that I will ask our maid to transfer our filth and garbage to your area. This arguement was going on and the colony secretary intervened and asked her not push the garbage and dirt to other house forecourt. I think people are knowingly well doing this and unless and until they are pointed out and warned, they wont mend their ways and what the author shared is very pathetic and the old lady be taken to task.
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    In a class room valued exam papers were distributed by the teacher. In the mathematics class, Maths teacher gave papers to students. Ramu, a student who got 95 start crying. His friend Jerry asked ,'why you are crying instead of feel happy?' He replied that two other students got 100 for 100. By hearing his words, Krishnan laughed. Jerry with angry asked Krishnan, 'Why you are laughing, your mark is only 25'. Krishnan replied,'reason for my laugh is three persons got below 25 and I am above them, is it not. I am better than them'. By hearing his words, teacher patted him and appreciated him for his positive thinking.

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    Some are still like that. They clean their surroundings but do not try to clean their minds. Such activities are very rare among those living in flats. The same day the caretaker will go and talk to the perpetrators. If the cars are become dirty due to such activity, they will be charged for cleaning them. Other wastes in homes in the flat are staffed to carry daily. The maintenance charge collected monthly includes the wages paid to them. The wastewater after washing the rooms, verandas, and balconies is picked up and drained into the bathroom. That is the custom. It will end up in the sewage tank. Those who live in the flat should be prepared to cleanse not only his flat but also their mind.

    It is worst, some pack their waste in plastic bags and dump them in a nearby field or on the roadside. But the practice, which was widespread when people's groups began to stand guard day and night and collect government fees, has diminished. However, plastic bags filled with such waste can be found piled up in remote empty spaces.

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    Cleansing your house or surrounding dirt and spreading it in front of someone else is not a sign of cleanliness. Whether it is an older woman or a young person, but it makes sense of the lack of basic value. I have seen some such people many times, who throw the waste of their own houses silently in front of the houses of others, even the peels of vegetables at times. Such behavior does not suit the educated people at all, but it is found that many times, educated people lose their manners in this matter. What is the use of such knowledge and education when you cannot apply basic values ??in life itself,

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    That lady might be doing it for a long time and now it might be included in her habit and she would go on doing that. The irony is that no one even in her family had told her not to do so and now what the children in that house will learn that is a big question. There are many people like that in our society who do not bother for others inconveniences and go on doing their wrong things in a continuous manner for years thinking it as right and their privilege.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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