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    How to check my contributions to the site?

    I have updated 2 cities on the site in the add city/ village section but none of them is shown in my profile or contribution. They neither get paid nor given the points to my portfolio. Please suggest where to find them.
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    On visiting your profile page, it is seen that you made one review submission, for which five points and five cash credit was given, two forum responses, to which five points were allotted and one information update to which one point is given (cash credits if any will be allotted once your update is reviewed by the editors). Please check for the details in the contribution column in your profile. Hope you have read the general guidelines for new members.

    Instead of bothering on points and cash credits please concentrate on submitting contents here on a regular basis, initially in the forum and subsequently in the article section. By participating in the forum section you would certainly improve your writing calibre and would make contributions to the article section easy.


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    Shubham Jain,

    Welcome to ISC. I will look into this. Please share with us the URL of the page where you added the details. We had a My India section which has been closed for quite a few years now for contributions, and, in fact, the section has even been removed from the Tabs above.

    As a new member, please check out all the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum so that you will be aware of our site's policies, features, sections that are closed, etc. and let us know if you require any clarifications and guidance.

    By the way, your review was not bad at all. A good start, I should say! Just try to give more content, covering specifics of infrastructure, sports facilities, and clubs, faculty, location, canteen food, hostel facilities, etc. The same with other sections. Detailed content, at the same time being to the point without irrelevant information, helps in the growth of the site and you will benefit from better earnings.

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    Shubham, I want to share with you something that would be helpful to the other new members also. ISC is a site where you will find so many sections where one can contribute as per ones interest and capabilities. There is so much scope for everyone here. Another thing which is the most rewarding here is that there are so many learning opportunities here because everything is checked by the editors and members are advised time to time for bringing improvements in their contributions so that it can be finally approved and accordingly points/cc would be awarded. You might be aware that this is one of the unique sites which pay cc to its members for various contributions. There are many other sites which pay points or stars or discount vouchers or member levels but not cc. So it is natural that many people join ISC for contributing and some of them also stay here for long. I wish you a good time in this portal and keep contributing in as many as sections as possible.
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