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    Under vaccine tourism health and pleasure trip assured

    People are really welcoming the new idea of vaccine tourism through which a company has proposed 24 days stay at Moscow with two shots of Sputnik vaccine and whole lots of fun and enjoyment with the cost of 1.24 lakh. The idea seems to be good as people want change from the routine and a trip to Russia would be new experience for many as living in India during this time proving to be fatal as more cases airborne and non availability of vaccine has made this concept most sought after for the newly weds. What are your comments ?
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    It is all about business. Travel agencies and tour operators offer new packages to their clients .They create new opportunities for their business. Nowadays people are not going to anywhere and they are staying at their homes instead. So how to develop their business they bring new ideas and I think this offer by any company mentioned by the author in this thread is of this sort.

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    It is rather the innovative idea to promote the sales of the the vaccination. In the present situation, there is competition among the manufacturers how best they can be popular in the area of manufacturing vaccines. The author has indicated the ways how these manufacturers would lure customers to achieve higher volume of sales of their vaccinations. Hence we should not be surprised if such things are offing in the near future to maximise their sales relating to their vaccinations.

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    Make hay while the sun shines. Some people know how to make money when many people are suffering. Find a way to bring them out of that by spending more money. Many people are eagerly waiting for vaccination. Most probably even rich also are not able to manage the vaccine. So these people who have some innovative brain thought how to make money in the present situation. The result is this. But how safe is the question? All are advocating stay home and stay safe. In such a situation is it think right. Travelling to so many places on a flight is not a safe bet, I feel. People may be able to pay money. But who can give a guarantee that by the time you come back you may have health problems? You have to travel with a group on a flight and you have to go to different places and you have to stay in hotels. Hygiene and safety are very important. I know people who were tested positive even after they took 2 doses of the vaccine. So keeping the safety of you and your family as topmost important stay in the house only. A little delay in taking the vaccine is no problem.
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