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    Can you not live without your mobile?

    Mobile phones have become 'an essential part' of human life. Apparently, nobody can live without mobiles. Most people are becoming patients of mobiles all over the world.
    Monophobia is a disease in which a person suffering from this disease can not live alone. He will go mad if he is left somewhere alone. Monophobia is a disease which keeps a man disturbed badly if his/her mobile is taken that he/she can't stay for a few minutes alone without his/her mobile This disease is spreading all over the world.
    Mobile has become so much indispensable for human life that almost everybody seems to be a patient because hardly anybody can be seen in this world now who can live without an
    We have to check how many of us are patients of this fatal disease. So much addiction to anything is also a disease.
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    I agree with the author that most of us will not be able to live a single day without the mobile. The reasons could be different from person to person as regards to the utility of that but in general everyone wants that for something of ones liking. There are some people who just pass their time by seeing endless numbers of funny videos, then there are who use it for social media interactions, some use it for simply communicating with their clients, some use them for marketing purposes and so on. Everyone has some utility and if one is deprived of this gadget life will become standstill. In fact, there will not be anything to do in the spare time! So, it is a necessary evil toy that we have to keep with us. Last year I visited one of my friend's house and there was a child of hardly 4 years age and he was making a lot of disturbance and hue and cry as generally the children of that age do. In order to attend us, the mother gave her mobile to the child by opening some app or something and then the boy became silent holding the phone in his hand and engrossed in it and sat at the corner of sofa and it was pin drop silence.
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    I do agree that mobile has become an important tool in our communication on daily life and we feel like orphaned without mobile. But it is not the life. I have seen many does not even own the mobile even though they can afford it. The reason, they do not want to get distracted or disturbed in wee hours or late hours and the should not fall prey as addict to mobiles. For mobile is used very sparingly as I load or update my status daily at morning and evening and as when time permits I would clear the whats app messages and other needs. And as far as calling is concerned it is bare minimal and my usage of mobile all through the day would be hardly one hour in 24 hours with many intervals. But I have seen some people gone crazy over the mobile and they keep on updating their status every one hour as if the law enforcing agencies are on look out for them.
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    If you want me to tell you the truth, no one will die if there is no cell phone with them. Now as it is available to all at a cheaper price many people are going for it. If you see in villages we will find some people who are not using mobiles. My father will not use a mobile. If some reason or other if these phones vanish also the people will continue their living.
    But the fact is that in this lockdown this mobile phone is a blessing in disguise. We are able to be in touch with the outside world only through this mobile phone only. We are not able to move out. We have no way to contact our friends and relatives except these phones. These phones are coming in handy for ordering and getting all essential items. We all should thank these mobile phones as they are giving us relief from this house arrest.
    Daily I am contacting some of my relatives and some friends using these phones. I am receiving calls from them. This is the only communication device working for us these days.

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    Though the usage of mobile phones are immense, the harm in the usage is more than normal. That too in houses where children are in the house as no school got opened and they got bored, they started to meddle with the mobile phones of their own or their parents. During our college period (do not think this is in Raja Raja cholan's period, but only in 1980) we were not having any fan in the house and did not felt uncomfortable but now once we enter into the house we switch on fans as if we never lived without fan. Similar to this one day will come to live without mobiles.

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    We can live without a mobile or say it should be used only when needed. Just like we live with other things, whether it is an electronic device like a TV and fridge etc. For this, first of all, we have to set our mobile in such a way so that only the essential thing is in our phone and it can be used only at the right time.

    I use only one social media platform Facebook very rarely. I have made my Facebook news feed so boring that even if I want, I don't feel like browsing. This is what I did on WhatsApp.I follow only a group of friends on WhatsApp which is muted so that I don't have to watch notifications every day.

    I think we should not fall into the rabbit hole of mobile phones and some measures need to be taken for this. For YouTube, I just search for what I want to see. Whatever video YouTube recommended I directly unfollow the videos without giving a thought for thumbnail. Now Whenever I open YouTube there are always old videos on it's the front page and looks boring. So I don't feel to browse YouTube too. Only if it is needed.

    I think if we should use mobile for a purpose than merely browsing unnecessary then it becomes an ordinary device like others.


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    The mobiles have become indispensable to us for numerous reasons particularly in this lockdown period. We cannot move outside and in case of any urgent informations to be given to our relatives or friends, it is the only apparatus which can solve our problems. The orders are to be placed online and for this is the only convenient apparatus. Take any class of people, office goers, medical professionals, students, business men, professors etc, all will need this apparatus to pass on the information. This apparatus includes many features such as YouTube, Google, Facebook etc and all this platforms have their purpose in our lives for enriching our informations and knowledge. However, we do have the tremendous side effects of this apparatus if we gift the same to a four year child and he is engrossed with this all the times leaving his normal activities and childlike play. This may create neurological and eyesight problems later on.

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    I am not one of them who can not live without mobiles, I believe mobile is just an electronic device that is facilitated s to some extend, and access use of mobile is always harmful to anyone. In fact, sometimes I need to explain this thing to the elders of my family especially ladies of the house. I do not know why but I have notices ladies are more addicted to the mobile compared to gents at least in my family, I can not say the same thing to all other families. Actually when the woman feels free from their kitchen work then definitely they should take rest for a while but these days I am noticing my mothers, aunties all watching their favorite serial, on mobile and even they also watch previous episodes and by watching continues mobile they forget about the rest which really important for them. I always interpret them and suggest taking some rest but they just smiled and says, it is about to complete my episodes, but actually, it will never end because it's not a TV it's a mobile.

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    I would be lying if I say that I can easily live without a mobile phone and it has absolutely no necessity in my life. Yes, mobile phones have become a addiction to people of not only young age but as well as old age. We are stuck at a loop where looking at our phones and being aware of things around the world has become utterly important to us. But we have to remind ourselves the mobile phones are luxury and not a necessity, indee almost everyone has phones to pass their time today but is it worth the lost of human contact. However it do believe that this mobile addiction can be easily be overcome. I believe that many of us rely on mobile phones as we lack human communication and relationships. Therefore if we make more friends and rearrange our human relationships and spend time with them more often then we'll eventually be apart from this electronic device. Therefore I'd say that no matter how much we might get addicted but whenever we find human contact we'll rely on that more than on a electronic device.
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    The other day I was informed by one of my relative that she was sleeping in the floor and her teen age son was walking and browsing the internet on the cell phone has pressed her leg while walking unmindful of the fact that some one is sleeping and he should take care. Since he put his leg on her ankle and that was really painful for her for two days and she was always seen scolding her son to keep watch on the groud and as he browse the cell. That kind of addiction is really bad as youths of these days does not want to miss any information, entertainment or the tips and thus goes absence minded.
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