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    Is visiting ISC an addiction?

    I joined ISC in 2019. I see several members have spent more than ten years. I think being continuous on any website for ten years or twelve years or fifteen years - is a very very long time. I had been on other websites or discussion forums but since I have joined ISC I have left all other forums.
    When I get up in the morning while taking morning tea my first activity or duty is to visit ISC. I think many of us might have this habit. Even when I go to bed, my last activity is to visit ISC. I was thinking on this issue- If I am addicted to ISC? As a matter of fact, addiction is also a disease. Here addiction of anything which becomes indispensable for one's life that he cant spend his time without it someone feels squirming - Is it not a disease?
    Do you also find it obligatory to visit ISC at the beginning of the day and the end of the day?
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    You are very right and frank in your observation and I will say that if you are passionate about something you become addicted to it. There are many members who are sailing in the same boat and may not be able to leave this portal even for a few days in spite of so many responsibilities and engagements. I remember when I was in my higher secondary classes, I was addicted to reading novels, stories, magazines etc mainly in Hindi language and a few in English and the Govt library (free to use) was the only source for me for that as I was not in a position to afford to buy them from market. I was so much addicted that I was visiting there in the evening almost everyday except when the library was closed. If my mother asked me to do some work like bringing something from the market or some petty job I was clubbing it with my visit to library. Interesting thing is that if I was asked to do some job which might delay me to go to the library then I was doing it in a fast and efficient manner so that it finishes well before the time of my visit to library. It is said that when you have a passion for something then you become more active always fearing that if you do not do other things people or family members might not allow you to go with your passion and devote so much time in it. Human psychology is a strange thing and it depicts in myriads of ways in our lives.
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    After reading this thread, I felt as if it was telling my experience of yesterday. Actually, yesterday I had a fever and headache due to the vaccination. So I did not log on to ISC because I was strictly suggested complete rest. I was not allowed to take my laptop with me and it has always been my habit to keep a distance from my mobile whenever I had a fever.

    But yesterday, I was repeatedly thinking that I would log in once and see what is going on in ISC, especially on the forum section. I tried a lot not to check it, but by evening I picked up the mobile once and went directly to ISC and checked the forum section. I did not log in, but after checking the ISC forum once and then my Gmail for any ISC notification, I felt a little relaxed. Apart from this, I neither checked the notification on any messaging app nor the call log.
    So now I can say with certainty that visiting ISC has become an addiction for me and I am very happy about this addiction. Even today I am having a little weakness, but I could not stop myself from logging on to ISC.

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    I would rather interpret in this way. It is not addiction but I feel it is the interest you have developed and the bonding that has taken place in the back ground which gives rise to total attachment that cannot be valued in words or money. Many of us not even earning good money through this site, but do spend at least two hours daily just to exchange views and matters and that is out of pleasure. For me ISC is the learning platform and it is indeed a great chance to everyone to show case the writing capability on all matters and thus I have proved myself that when I joined I was typying with one finger and searching for letters on the key board, but now, I see the screen and type very fast as one line would be typed in just twenty to thirty seconds. So this learning has come through the daily visit to the site and keeping on contributing my views.
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    I don't know whether we call it an addiction or not? Daily we eat, daily we attend duty and daily we will do certain things. Is it that we are addicted to all those. Certain things we do as they are essential and some we do out of interest and some we may do as that has become a must for us which is called as addicted.
    I have a lot of interest in this website. But I will not open early in the morning. I have certain other issues which I have to attend to. I complete all those works almost by 11 AM. Only after that, I open the internet. I think spending time on this site is spending time for learning only. It is not a waste of time. Many new issues we will know and we can also contribute something to others.
    I am regular on this site since 2017 and I will not miss generally this site at least for an hour or so. Many of my house members say I am spending more time here. But I will not bother and continue on my own.

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    To some extent I am addicted to it but I do not have set schedule to work in the ISC site and whenever I get time I try to contribute in it. My main choice is contests and all types of them. But at the same time I have good interest in forum section and some little in Ask Experts section. I always thought that every month I would try one article but that is still in the dream stage. So right now I am not addicted to it but if I get more time may be I fall in that category.
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    It was so for me for many years. I myself also had raised and responded threads on that topic. But now it is not a grave addiction, but an interest and choice. ISC comes later in priority and is a n interesting and liked choice now. I happened so only because over the years many other priorities came along and I have to arrange the order.

    Bu my liking to ISC has not dried and still I keep good interest in ISC, especially the forum. It is a virtual(but seeming real face to face) idea exchange platform. Can I call it as virtually real?

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