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    Why do some people rush for things at the last hour?

    In our area due to lockdown only the essential provision shops are allowed to open and that also only from 7 AM to 11 AM. Medical shops are allowed to open throughout the day. Yesterday, I wanted some medicines urgently and went to the nearby medical shop to buy it. It was 8 AM and there was a deserted look on the streets. After buying the medicines, I found that the adjacent provision shop also had a deserted look and I thought to buy a few items from there and entered in the shop. I asked the shopkeeper why there was no rush as I was expecting that considering the limited time opening of these shops. He told me that people come only after 10 AM or so and then it becomes a crowd and they were even not able to serve the customers. I was a bit perplexed to hear this and was thinking why people have this tendency of doing things at the last hour itself. If they come to the shop early there would not be any rush and would be a better way to complete the shopping. Have you also observed such last minute attempts by people in doing things in their lives?
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    The behavior of the people is to be questioned here. For example in our area the shops are open from 6 am to 10 am and I could not see any crowd even after 8 am. But by the time the police start siren and ask the shop owners to get ready to close the shop , people rush at the last moment and the shop keeper cannot do fast work and abrubtly send some customers back without given what they asked. Today morning only it happened and I was just watching the plight of the shop keeper who cannot handle the crowd of 20 asking different things. May good sense prevail with the public that in four hours the shop keeper need to serve many including the door delivery items so next time when you want to fetch some thing call him to home deliver fast and the customer need not worry. At least from now last minute purchase should be avoided.
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    These days many people are having the habit of sleeping late and getting up late. People spend the time in the night on their mobiles and will not go to bed till 12 Midnight or 1 AM. They will get up only at 8 AM. That is we see many people rushing in the mornings at the last minute. In that hurry, they will forget some important things also. They are having a very casual approach towards the works.
    All of us know that all the shops are going to be closed by 10 AM. But they will not think that they have to get ready early and purchase if any items are required. That is why we see this rush at the last minute. Not only in the present condition but also in normal conditions they will not plan properly and do the things as per plan. They will be on the job in the last hour only.
    Personally, I plan everything in advance and see that we will finish all the works successfully within the time without any hurry. Online ordering is coming to the rescue of many people who can't get up early and attend their works before the closing hours in these lockdown times.

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    It is common habit of people to work at the eleventh hour. They keep work on delay. I am saying this because I am one of them. I keep delaying my necessary work too and it's normal for me. I see around me that I have a large group of this sort. However, it is better to complete the work much before the deadline. It often happens that I find it hard to complete my work. One of my relatives is very strict of punctuality. If he has to go somewhere he will get ready much before time. Once or twice I happened to go with him. If time of train or bus is at 10 a.m. he will be ready by 8 a.m. and then he will keep on reminding me again and again to be ready. This type of people will never be late.

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    Many people have this habit and they rush for these things at the last hour. Many of them miss their train or plane and it is so common hearing such cases. One should try to avoid such last minute situation as that causes a lot of inconvenience and embarrassment in ones life.
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    Many people, I am seeing, are commenting on those who did everything in precaution. Such people only doing everything in the last hour. They thing themselves wise over others, Earlier the shops were permitted to open till 12 noon and changed to 10 AM now. People do not understand the reason behind this change, this is only to control our moving but they are not understanding this but crowding in the shops by six o clock in the morning when the shop owner unlock the shop.

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    My personal experience in this matter is that if we go for a thing well ahead in time many times we will have to wait there or think that we have come so early which was not required but the fact is that we will always be in advantageous position in many respect if we understand this matter deeply. Once I left for the airport 3 hours ahead instead of the usual 2 hours time against the wishes of all the family members but on that day my taxi got its tyres burst and I was waiting for a lift or other taxi on that secluded place for about 1 hour but still I was able to reach the airport well in time. So sometimes being early is advantageous.
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    The author's observation is perfect, some people have a habit of hurrying in the last few times. I have seen a bad habit among many people that during any journey, they do not like to prepare beforehand but at the end of the time they also annoy other people of the family as well. Such people will first do their packing on the same day that their journey is to begin and then many times they will create a ruckus if things are not available on time, even when such people are reaching to station at the last moment when the train is on the exit from the platform. In the examination hall too, I have seen many such people who will keep revising outside the class till the last moment and when the last ball is in, then they come in and make a mistake in filling the formality of the answer sheet. Thus people waiting for the last minute show their carelessness, such as crowding the shop at the time the shop is closed.

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