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    Can Journo or Anchor become a good Minister ?

    Surprise things are happening in Kerala as the Journolist turned anchor, and then politician, Veena George is all set to become a Minister in Pinari Vijayan cabinet. Normally the journalist or the anchors have the niche for digging others and getting the right information. And by opting to be a new Minister, will she give a transparent work. Surely her competitors would be closely watching her for any mistakes or errors during the Minister stint and she must be more careful to work within the frame work of the rules laid. What is your comment on this development?
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    That all depends on the ability and the managing skills of the individual. We know many cinema actors did well as Chief Ministers, Ministers. MPs and MLAs. So why not a journalist and an anchor. I have no doubt people who have some managing skills can manage all the functions well with the experience they have. A thief can only catch hold of another thief. Similarly, a journalist will easily understand how to bring other journalists into his/her fold. Similarly, an anchor also has some special skills which may come in handy. In India the only job which has no age limit or prescribed qualification is politics. Definitely, people who are into it will shine and earn if not immediately after some time by learning from their politicians. A person even without any qualification and profession can also become a minister and earn money. They should only understand the technics required to deceive people and manage them wisley.
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    If any person has required qualities he can become successful politicians. Pandt Nehru was a great writer, Atal Buhari Vajpai was a great poet, Arun Shouri was a famous journalist, Manish Sisodiya was a T.V anchor. So anyone can be successful in politics provided that he has qualities. Many movie stars and TV stars became famous politicians in our country, especially, in south India, some famous movie personalities became more famous as politicians than as actors. Like Jailalita was a strong politician although she was a famous heroine of her time she became more famous in politics. Like, N T. Rama Rao was also a very popular hero but when he came into politics he was proven a very strong politician who had large support behind him. We have some other famous personalities who became famous in politics.
    So, it is not necessary that an anchor can not be a successful politician

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    Being Journo and achor herself, she would be more careful while dealing with press later after assuming office.
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    Anyone can become a politician and a minister. A politician or a minister do not require any experience. They gain experience after becoming minister. So, a journalist or an anchor can perform the duties of a minister like any other politician. Kerala's CM is doing a fine job by selecting ministers from a new lot of MLAs and by removing all his old ministers. Such a change is very essential. Even former health minister Shylaja teacher is not spared, despite her efficient handling of COVID-19.
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    Many of us had changed jobs and taken up entirely different jobs from previous jobs done. But most of us I hope have done well in the new assignments also.
    It is one's attitude that decides how we will fare in each slots. Aptitude and experience may add to or make the experience and performance slightly easier initially. But after that it is just attitude and hard work. Moreover we are not alone in any place. There will be teams, colleagues and controllers too.

    Hence I am sure that the Minister designate Mrs Veena George can also do her assignment well. However short tempered and immature a person would be in his youth, the same person will mellow down and mature over years and gaining more exposure. Let us wish Mrs Veena George all the best to be a good performing minister in Kerala Cabinet and people of Kerala are benefitted.

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