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    Share your tips for storing food and provision items in your house

    In our household we use so many food and provision items and if we do not store them properly then some of them will go stale or useless soon. There are many tricks and tips that the housewives use to store the items for a long time so that they can be used later and there is no wastage. For example I keep the pulses after treating them with a little oil (any edible oil) and then they remain fresh and preserved for a good time. Are you also using such tricks or methods for preserving the food or any provision item in your kitchen. Please share for the benefit of all the readers here.
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    These days refrigerators are very common in the houses where food and food items. Many vegetables, leftover curries and chutneys, fruits are stored in this refrigerator only, But bananas can't be stored in refrigerators, In our house, we store them separately wrapped in a plastic sheet. That way they will not get spoiled and can use for at least 5 days.
    All grains we store in airtight containers. They will not get spoiled easily. You should not keep the lid open for a long time. You should close the lid immediately after taking out your requirement. These days we get small sachets of silica gel. If you keep a small sachet in the containers where you store crispy material, the crispiness will be there for a long and the taste will not go bad. The sachets can be just heated on a pan for a few minutes so that they can be used again.
    Some fruits can be washed in 25% vinegar solution for some time and then you can wipe them with a cloth. They will get dried and they will not go bad for a long time.

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    If you want to store rice and pulses in the container, add peices of neem leaves, so that the ants wont destroy the rice and pulses. If you want to retain the milk of yesterday for tomorrow, put the vessel on the plate with water, and do not keep it in the the fridge. The next day the milk would be good for use after it was boiled again. Apart from provisions and other things to store, if those who are not having fridge and pot but want to drink the cool water, they can fetch the drinking water in plastic bottles and wrap around the cloth and wet it, hang it for a while. The water would be cool and enjoyable to drink.
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    I have some interest in this topic and I will like to add that there are many tricks to keep the cooked food fresh in the fridge. The trick is that after cooking the dish let it cool down and then immediately transfer it to the freezer compartment and take out only 1-2 hours before you want to consume it. Before consuming please heat it to full and you will find that it remains as fresh as the day it was prepared. I have taken these dishes even after 3-4 days and I found them ok. One can experiment with various dishes and can find out the time till they appear good to consume. This is very useful trick for the single persons who can do cooking only 2-3 times a week and with this method can keep their items for long in the fridge. With little care using these methods cooked food can be stored as fresh.
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    Women in every family are more proficient in this matter and their effort is that even the smallest substance is not spoiled, so they keep it well. The most important and mandatory are to keep the food in an airtight container because if the air can go in the air then it also contains many harmful fungi and bacteria. While placing the lentils, put a few Neem or Pudina leaves in the container. This will not cause mite in the pulses, besides applying mustard oil on the container, the grain is also safe. Touch the container with wet hands, doing so poses a risk of moisture. I have seen much time when wheat is stored in the houses, most people used large container like a drum to keep it, and people often keep put closed matchboxes in the beginning and also keep these boxed in the middle also it may also help to get rid of the fear of any warm. You can also tie salt pieces in a cloth and keep this between the container of grain, it will also save the grain.

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