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    'Wisdom' that gaining from disputes

    Any external reason is enough to start all disputes. But there must be an internal mutual understanding if it is to be resolved. The absence of disputes is not to be seen as the excellence of relationships. It is about keeping a thin line of faith and love that survives each dispute. Only those who start each conflict can end it. Mediation efforts and judgments are mere attempts to calm the thoughts or to resolve the crisis somehow. Outsiders are the main protagonists only in creating problems. All conflicts can only be resolved through the self-determination of those who have quarreled.

    Every dissatisfaction will talk about inconsistencies. Through those inconsistencies, some new insights into relationships will emerge. There is a natural cure for hatred and opposition through such insights. Longevity is not for those who love without ever quarreling, but for those who keep the corridors of harmony within the walls of conflict.
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    In my opinion, it is better if we avoid disputes as much as possible. The disputes will take away our peace of mind and will never allow us to have a good sleep. When there is a dispute with any other person, we will be knowingly or unknowingly working on that aspect only. That will make us sleepless also. So it is better always to sit with the other person and come to an understanding. The involvement of a third person will widen the gap. Some people enjoy these disputes as a third person by telling the issues of some person to another person differently.
    If the disputes are based on the issue we can make a reasonable conclusion and we can close the dispute. But many disputes will be between the person rather than the subject involved. Such disputes can be settled only by the two parties involved in the issue but not by external interaction. In our life definitely some conflicts will come between people but we should not allow ego to come into the picture and the dispute can be closed by a mutual understanding among the two people involved.

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    Hatred and misconception have no place in a relationship because no relationship can go further unless peace and harmony are retained by mutual understanding and bilateral cooperation. Internal conflicts are highly detrimental for relationship and external elements should never be allowed to enter into a personal aura that may affect the relationship.
    If misunderstanding rises between a couple both partners are required to have a solution, merely letting it go will increase deterioration. Nothing works but efforts for redressal. Misconception, misunderstanding and all detrimental elements should not be given respite to get consolidated.

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    First of all why the dispute should arise at all. When the things are all right there is no give and take. But the problem arise when the opposite person takes his share and also ask part of our share. Why China has been in the bad book of India because it wanted to intrude into our territory and we have given them the fitting reply. Any dispute need to be settled amicably and there should not be any chance for future escalation. Even today I read the news that PLA are doing driling exercise near the LAC and that is unwanted provocation from the Chinese side. That means if the dispute is ready for resolve both parties can come down from their stubbon attitude, but in this case China wants to display its supermacy and wants to have the confrontation on point or the other. But our resolved armed forces are ready to deal firmly and no question of dialogues anymore.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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