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    Try to be fair, when you seek God

    He travels to many lands to worship God. Once during a journey, he purchased the form of a deity. But when he goes to the room and tries to put it in the bag, it is too big. He quickly went back to the shop and bought a little smaller one. When you try to put it in a bag, its bottom is wider. Went back to the shop and bought another one. But its sides are sharp. The sharp sides were cut with a knife and polished so that the bag would not be damaged. Thus he began the return journey with the statue that fits into the bag.

    Some people find rearranging anything for their convenience as a hobby. Even God has no escape from it. But when the definitions and significance given to God are meant to protect selfishness, there is ugliness and meaninglessness. Some change Ishwar daily according to mystical interests. Some misinterpret his will as the will of God.

    Gods of all sizes and weights are available everywhere. But the desire to measure and follow at least one God is not manifested in anyone.
    Ishwar will be accessible to all if we try to renew ourselves without trying to cut and polish God.
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    Very strange story shared by the author and as far as my experience and rememberance goes we the Hindus does not pray those idols which are cut to size, broken or shortened. Yes I do agree that we have many Gods, and each God has the specific look and attire and that should not be denied. For example Lord Shiva depicted without the Thrisul on the hand is the worst way of portraying. And Lord Ganesh without the Mouse at his side cannot be imagined. For that matter not everyone is bestowed with the idols and we pray before the photos of the God. Only in the temples we find standing or the sitting idols of varied shapes and size. But all of them are prayed and followed with rich rituals on daily basis. One more thing I want to share, that if temple has the idol but always kept closed for one reason or the other, would slowly loose sheen and importance of no God there.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many people do buy images of God whenever they go to temples or religious places. It is practice. People do so in order to gift to the near and dears. Some receiving people do not have interest in keeping such items in their house but keeping some loft or other place. Some people used to keep the idols with happy in their pooja room. Some people says that it is not fare to give such things and some people opined that keeping idols in pooja rooms are not good etc., But everything based on their interest. We can see stamp collecting, coins collecting and are we arguing what is the use of such things.

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    It is the belief of the individual which makes his ways of living. As a matter of fact, we can pray to God who is having no shape and size. But all can't concentrate their mind in the sky without having anything in the front. So to get that concentration sargunakara form of worship has started. But once we can concentrate on God we don't require any idol before us. We have to reach that stage. It all depends on the individuals' interest and practice.
    The important issue is your focus and concentration. Worship of God is something like meditation. This will be obtained by practice. We can get the help of God without any doubt the moment we pray for him by surrendering ourselves to Him. When you say you only can do I have no other way he will definitely protect us. But one should have that confidence and belief. Another school of thought is that what we are getting is the best decided by God to us. He knows what is required for us and what is not.

    always confident

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    One person told me what happened to him. He purchased an idol from a villager who would work as a labourer. He found that idol in an old deserted fort as nobody would go there. It was hearsay that the fort was haunted. The man bought the idol by paying a few hundred rupees only. As it was an antique piece. The man knew the importance of an antique piece. But he did a mistake, he scratched with a needle to know the purity of the metal. Its colour was golden, also he got it checked with a goldsmith who told him that the idol was made of "Asht Dhatu". The man tried to sell it in Delhi. The shopkeeper offered him one lac rupees but when he saw it was scratched on the bottom then he refused to buy it because it was "Khandit".
    I think this story narrated by the author has some shortcomings.

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    The author presents his thread's idea every time with a short but highly didactic story. Just as the person in the story tries to make God according to his convenience, similarly today people in the world also worship God according to their convenience and on their own terms. God never says that we have to live according to the rules mentioned by him, he simply gives us this life and at the same time, it gives us a chance that how much we take advantage of this opportunity is up to us. God just wants that in the same way, he has given us this life, in the same way, he has also created this whole eye and in the same way that we do not like to interfere in our life, in the same way, no other creatures also like it. True devotion is to live the life thinking of everyone and to pray to that God as the same superpower. Stay in front of God as you really are, and that's why make yourself the way you want to be in front of God.

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    This is an interesting story of a person who was only bothered for his convenience. This happens in real life when people think about their own conveniences and forget about all other things. The story gives a good moral value that we should not be too much selfish and self centred in our lives and give importance to other things also. From the story it is also evident that the person was not interested in God as his all the attentions were towards adjusting the size of the idol with that of the bag. The climax is the cutting of the idol from the sides to accommodate it in the bag. If he is a real believer in the God he can very well go for a small size idol and adore it from his heart and give it the respect and concern assuming it a divine thing energised from the almighty's power. That could had been a better way of respecting God rather then adjusting its size by optimising with the size of the available bag with him.
    Knowledge is power.

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