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    Do you have fire extinguisher or escape route in the home?

    This is the peak summer time and the electric lines are subject over load or load shedding. In that case there are heavy chances for short circuit and even low wattage through which our gadgets fail or get burnt. But invariably I have found that there is no safety measure followed in any home. There is no fire extinghisher available at the disposal nor there is safety exit from other side. In case of flats, there can be one entrance or one has to leap through balcony. Did you ever thought on this subject of having a fire safety measures at home and how to escape through plan b route?
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    In cities when we apply for permission for constructing multi-storeyed buildings, there are set procedures which we have to follow without deviation. Then only we will get permission otherwise they will not give permissions. In these rules, there are points related to these fire safety also. There are no such requirements where it is a single or double-storeyed building.
    But all houses will have at least two doors to go out minimum. In case of any problem near the main door, the other door will come in handy. When we construct a house we should see that we will have at least two doors to come out of the house. Only one door is not safe.
    Even we should have big windows which will give good ventilation to the house. Sometimes these windows will also come in handy to escape from the house. When a load of current is not very high and when there are no hanging open wires the chances of getting a short circuit is very less. But we should be careful always as mentioned by the author.

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    In our society there is a fire extinguisher located on the outside verandah in each floor and is at an approachable place. So, one has to come out of the house and grab it and use it. Only problem is that how many people are aware of that safety gadget there and use it properly. Another thing in the flats is that in case of some fire people move out quickly through the stairs and do not bother for using the fire extinguishers. Once it happened in our building that one of the shops on ground floor got fire due to electric short circuit and there was a small explosion type before the fire came out of the broken doors of the shop. It was night time and some resident knocked and gave bell on our main door and told us to vacate immediately. Anyway by that time as the fire station was nearby, the fire persons reached the place and fire was controlled and no adjacent shop got fire.
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    Umesh sir, did your society ever conducted a mock drill as to the preparedness in the event of real fire ?
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    ,This is an obligatory duty of local administration like Municipal Corporation etc to check physically if there is fire extinguisher for each flat speperately and also there is sufficient amount of fire extinguisher for each floor to fight against some untoward incident or unfortunate accident.
    I think it is the responsibility of every flat owner to arrange fire extinguisher or similar equipment for their family 's safety. How they will escape and they will fight against such fire-accident. In cities every resident should be aware of such incident

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    It is actually a norm to have a fire extinguisher or escape route in the building in cities but in villages, it is normal to have the house build without checking such norms. As I have seen, nearly few contractors or builders do keep a provision for fire safety but due to space constriction, many do not have such provision in buildings. It is also to be noted that even if some building has it, it is just for the sake of rules or to bluff the Municipal Corporation. Many may not even know how to use it, what to do in case of emergency, and even use the fire extinguisher. In villages, normally, every house would be having two doors. One, the main entrance, and the other a back door from the kitchen for movement from the lateral side for ease of work. Thus we can say that that door can be taken as an escape route in case of emergency.
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    A thread has been posted by the author on a very suggestive and necessary topic. It is true that in the summer there are many incidents where there are many big losses due to sudden fire and it is not an easy thing to control the sudden blaze. For this some mechanisms or other facilities always need attention. As far as my house is concerned, my house is in a fairly open area. There is a large courtyard in the house, a balcony on all three floors back and forth, the front terrace and the arrangement of the stairs are also on both the front and back sides.
    There should a very good arrangement of ventilation in the houses to avoid such accidents. But people who live in flats in big buildings need to keep a lot of precautions as they do not have enough ventilation. Definitely, it is the responsibility of social management and administration for providing more safety and security, especially in these summer days.

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    In our apartment there are fire extinguishers provided in each level and then there are some in the parking area also. Once in 6 months, we have demonstrations by fire officials also in our society. Many people are aware of these gadgets.
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