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    Spontaneous decisions sometimes become wrong

    Last month I have ordered some eatables and pickles through online. The supply was made good by packing in two medium size carton boxes. After carefully opened the boxes, I took the ordered items and kept the boxes safely in a place by flattened for reuse. My brother sincerely take away the boxes and threw away into dustbin.
    Last week we have shifted our house and all household items were transferred through a packers and movers. They sincerely packed every items in separate separate big carton boxes and kept in the new house. We unpacked them,arranged the contents in respective places and kept some boxes as it is by planning to unpack later. The persons left the carton boxes with us and went. Again as usual I asked my brother to keep them in loft by making boxes flattened. But my brother as he did not want to keep unwanted items, sold them to a waste paper person. He took the boxes for two rupees each.
    Recently we want to send some materials through to Madurai for our relative, we approached courier person. They charged separately for packing and courier service - in which they charged a small carton box (similar to one we discard earlier) for 15 rupees. By seeing this only my brother realized his mistake.
    So, we have to think twice before discarding anything and it is not harm in keeping the packing materials for some time.
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    These days young people never like keeping unwanted material in the house. We feel that material is required but in their opinion that is not required material. In our house, these things do happen. Many I will be arguing with my sons. But they will feel why to carry so much waste as and when we required we can purchase them. It all depends on the mindset of the person.
    In our childhood. Empty milk covers were accumulated and sold. Even rich people were doing that. But these days we see nobody doing that. Some people will have the habit of keeping everything without thinking about its usefulness. Some people throw out everything. Both are not correct in my opinion. One should keep items that may come in useful for us and discard the material which is not reusable or useful to us.

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    It happens in every family. This is merely a gap in thinking between two generations. Old generation likes to keep all things intact while thinking that it might be used in future whereas young generation contradicts that unnecessary items should not be kept in homes. I think it was just an coincidence what happened with the author. How long those cartons had to be kept? However, if there is enough space where junk can be stored there is nothing wrong in keeping these unusable items in the store room. Any day these items can be required. But it is better to make space in store rooms by cleaning unnecessary items.

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    What I have seen that the modern people have the habit of discarding everything and wants to keep their environ and places clean. They do not realize that some items would be useful in future and whenever they are questioned as to why they are discarding, they say in future we will fetch new and take use of it. That is the reason being so , if there are no elders at the house, the people would behave on their own and many things go waste. Elders know the importance of each item and how to preserve them and they would keep it in such a place, only they would remember and retrieve them when wanted. Even the small nails, and screws which are scattered here and there are kept secured by me so that in times of emergencies that can be used. According to me nothing goes waste and only thing is we are ignorant of use and does not know when to use.
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    If we keep all the packing material in our house in the loft or balconies or the store rooms then soon it would become a clutter and then it will be very difficult to arrange things in that crowd. So many people just throw the packings outside or sell it to the kabari for some little money. One solution is to keep 1 or 2 such cardboard boxes after flattening them and discard the others. It makes sense to keep some of them for reuse but if we have already a few of hem in the loft then it is advisable to throw the other ones as making a stack of them is not desirable. As per my experience everything comes to a use one day but we do not have enough space to keep them well arranged and tagged at those extra places in our house. In past when people used to live in individual houses then there used to be a backyard where we could dump so many items to be reused one day but that type of space is not not available today as many of us are living in either in 2BHK or even 1BHK houses.
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    We have seen that decisions made voluntarily or spontaneously often go wrong. It is later realized that such decisions are made without thinking of anything else. This usually happens when there is a dispute and eager to settle it. That dispute may sometimes end with that decision. But other disputes are more likely to arise because other issues that may arise in addition are not taken into account in decisions made spontaneously.

    The current new generation is immersed in the use and throw culture. They have their ideas on the issues that the author points out. Some of it is true. It's an old-fashioned way of storing packaged boxes. My mother also kept some boxes and accessories like this. Many years later (33 years later) when we moved into the apartment, we decided to clean one overall. A lot of stuff like this was found then. It is of no use except to incur a cost to avoid them. The message I got from it was that it is not good to put these together thinking that there will be a need someday. Before that, I was a staunch supporter of motherhood. Realizing this, I support the new generation's
    Use and Throw Attitude.

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