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    How housewives manage their time in kitchens in this hot summer

    The summer is very severe. The day temperatures are very high and many of us are not able to withstand these high temperatures.
    Many employees who are accustomed to working by sitting in AC rooms are finding it very difficult to work from home. They are occupying the AC bedroom available in the house.
    But the housewives have to make food for all the members of the family. For that, they have to spend hours together in the kitchen in front of the stoves. Many kitchens are not even provided with a fan also. In addition to that these working from home professionals demand coffees, teas and snacks from time to time. She has to make and supply them. Definitely, this will be a very big problem for her. How she manages God only knows. We should appreciate the patience of these housewives.
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    Housewives don't mind how much time they are sparing daily in the kitchen for the different activities such as cleaning of plates and other utensils, making breakfast for the members, light snacks in the evening, coffee and tea preparation as per demand of the members. Apart from these activities they have to make two principal meals for both the times. If the maids are not available, they are devoted to floor cleaning as well. Such jobs are of continuous type and as such it can prove exhaustive to them if no help is forthcoming.
    The humid and hot conditions of the kitchens in absence of fan is still more worrisome. If they are helped by other members in their activities, they will feel more relaxed which too would depend upon to what extent she is being helped.

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    Working in the kitchen is not so easy especially in the humid summer times. Housewives take it as their responsibility and in spite of so much difficulties do all the odd jobs there. We must recognise their contribution to the family and of course to the whole society if we see it in a larger perspective. Housewives are the centre of all the household activities in the house and this we only realise when they go out to their paternal place for a few days. In such a case every one starts to miss them badly. If other members go out who are not involved in the kitchen activities we miss them also but not in that important context.
    Knowledge is power.

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