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    Should online learning also focus on kinesthetic learners?

    Kinesthetic learners are those who learn more from experiencing the curriculum rather than watching and listening to online educational videos. They learn while moving their hands, legs, and touching. They also need physical interactions of topics to comprehend the concepts better.

    Some students learning knowledge by looking at the presentation, listening to audios, reading, or writing and some are kinesthetic who need to conduct exercises to understand better about the subjects.

    Nowadays it is the age of online education, it becomes very important that online education should be formulated to keep all categories of students in mind. For example, students should be given tasks that also comprise the physical movement. Under this, it may be that the students are asked to make a video or presentation of the assignment of the particular tutorial.

    Please, share your thoughts and tips.
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    I do appreciate the author for touching a wonderful subject in support of those candidates who are Kinesthetic learners and for that matter online education has become more needy and famous from the last year and India has to make far reaching changes so that all kinds of people gets access to the eduction. Surely the present way of teaching on line is not to the expected level of Kinesthetic students and they need personal feeling and personal visit to the theme and understand the thing further. We are kid in online portryal of education and need to grow to the level of adult and for that India needs more time and more adjsutments as demands of all need to be addressed.
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    To get the maximum benefit from online learnings one should apply themselves completely and concentrate on learning. Whether the student is following the lesson properly or not is also not known by the teacher. That is why assignments are very important. Again normal homework may be carried out with the help of parents. So asking a student to make a presentation and present during the class is a good method to understand the knowledge of the student. Similarly, a student can make a synopsis of a chapter and teach online to other students and the same will be monitored by the teachers.
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    The author has put up an interesting post highlighting the need of practical activity and subsequent learning in online education sessions. It is true that any education system whether online or physical mode has to deliver the syllabus in such a way that the students actively participate in it. The online courses can incorporate these concepts in their course design and definitely it will help the students for doing some practical aspects of the course. In some courses it is easy to design such activities by telling students to go out and collect the samples of a particular nature like tree leaves from various trees and studying the differences etc. Alternatively, it could be the study of the soil around in parks or road sides etc. So, there are many things which can be annexed to the syllabus in such a way that the students get an opportunity to do some practical work which gives them the added advantage of being physically active.
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    The online classes conducted by the schools don't enhance curiosity of the students because of varied reasons and the chief being the poor connectivity making the chapters difficult for which they are getting lessons from their teachers. Many questions hovering over student's minds are not properly resolved. The students are not encouraged to refer to such books which would provide them concepts for the subjects. During this lockdown period, every attempt is to be made by the teachers to make the contents interesting so that they develop sustained interest in their syllabus. While dealing with any subject, there are scopes for the practical approach and the teachers should point out how best they can learn the subjects with the practical approaches. In case of English, teachers should explain how they can communicate effectively with their colleagues while staying at home.

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    The one interesting aspect I could see in the online learning programmes during the last more than one year lockdown situation is that equal importance and highlight is given for Kinesthetic learning. Though it is not called or name as Kinesthetic learning, children are given various 'projects' or 'assignment' which are actually facilitating Kinesthetic learning.
    I see my niece doing various things from puppet making,puppet animation to many other things which enhance their learning capacity. This was relatively less or even not given role in learning during our classroom days. Earlier the importance in classroom as well as online learning was for Aural and Visual or Audio Video methods.
    But now Kinesthetic way is also given its due importance and place.

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    The nice suggestion given by the author, this is true that children need practical knowledge of real education and they should more active in physical education also. Many schools follow this pattern even with online classes but yes this is also true it's not followed by every institute but it should. Some teachers feel they are responsible to complete the syllabus only but some other teachers love their job and they motivate their students to give different activities, assignments,s or projects that contain practical knowledge and practice more than theoretical.

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