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    Italicize or underline : Is one is better than other?

    We all know that until computers were there, we used the underline to emphasize a particular line or word. Nowadays we have started using italics more. On the Internet as well, I have seen many websites underlining links to pages. Many people also use these two together.

    Now, most of the titles are being italicized. Which I find more interactive and influential.

    What do you think is better to use and when?
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    The purpose of changing the fonts or adding some characteristic marker to the text is done for the purpose of distinguishing it from the rest of the content. Till it is successfully executing that purpose it is a good to have that in ones documents. Nowadays we have facilities of colour text or bold text or changing the size of text so it is possible to make use of these facilities. As regards the italicised or underlined text it is used to draw the attention of the reader to it and it also depends on the expected importance of the text string for the readers. So one can make a string italicised or underlined if one wants to highlight it. In literature italicised is used much and gives a distinguishing tone to the selected text. Underlining is a thing of past and nowadays is not used much.
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    I think if we want to highlight something and for this purpose we make the words italics or underline the purpose is fulfilled but I think that making the words Bold highlights the message more clear than making them italics or underline.

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    The look is very important in writing for any writer because most people like to read a beautiful article. And fonts are the most helpful in enhancing the beauty of any article. Earlier, when writing was done only through pen and paper, there were different methods for it, but today in the world of computer and technology, displaying fonts in different forms is the best option. An author himself knows which part of his writing is the one that will be more effective, or which part that the author himself wants the readers to read, so on that basis, the writer can make that book Uses different fonts or underlines to differentiate from. Sometimes even a full paragraph can be special, then by coloring the fonts for this, the article is also attractive. All this technology can be used by the same writer who first thinks from the readers' point of view and then reads his article and then puts the necessary beauty in it.

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    Underlining and making italics can be done according to each person's interest and liking, but each has its positions and meanings.

    Typical italics is when someone copies what is said, copies the text of a document, or retranslates lines and poems from any existing book for our writing. But I don't know that there is such a restriction in using italics. I also think that there is no linguistic suggestion that italics should be used as mentioned above, but this is what is seen commonly.

    But underlining and highlighting with light color is usually done to highlight the others. In addition, in the case of letters printed in ordinary letters, it is often printed in bold letters for immediate reference. Similarly, when a large matter is typed, the highlighting is to change the color (especially red) and print for the same purpose.

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    Definitely agreeing to the author, even lately i have seen people using Italics to grab more attention to that particular word or line. This use of Italics have lately replaced the importance of underlining the important stuff. But to my personal opinion when we tend to use the feature of underline in our writeup in word, the writeup tends to look messier, it might be due to to feature of word or something. But in my personal opinion I would still stick to underlining the important stuff when it comes to the stuff being hand written as it adds more glory to the writeup, but while using Ms word, I would prefer Italics to glorify the same.
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    By italicizing and underlining a word or sentence, there is a attention seeking element and that would enable us to give more thoughts and more detailing those words or sentence. In the office also when the attention has to be sought, we put a star mark on the page so that the employee should not over look and give consent to the information sought for. But underlining and italicising is giving more credence to the work thus submitted and the reader need make sure to look for more details for that in the continuing pages. Nevertheless these are the tools available to the modern people to have control over the data and the information served.
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    There are many ways to make a sentence are a word appear especially in a document. If it is a typed document, you can use italics or you can underline or even you can make it thick in colour or you can use all capital letters. If we are making a document using a computer, you can highlight the same by using various colours also. The ultimate aim is to inform the readers that these sentences are very important. Personally, I feel using a different font and size is the best way to highlight a part of the document. I do this in my documents. The choice depends on the individual. Some sites will have their own rules and regulations. So we have to follow them if we want to publish on those sites.
    I have seen some people who are having the habit of writing their documents first before typing. They write and give it to typing. This is the practice of old-timers. My father does this. They use different colour pens. First, they write a draft and when they are making the final copy they use a different colour pen for the sentences which they want to highlight. The typist will be told about this and accordingly, he will highlight those sentences while typing.

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    Now a days, such type of font is being seen on each and every webpage while surfing the internet. I noticed such type of fonts in articles related political information. Such types of fonts are afoot while I surfing for the reviews of newly coming movies and running movies.

    In the article section of ISC, I noticed the articles some of which are having italics fonts. That gives peculiar idea regarding the para or the article.

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