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    Repenting is wastage of time

    We do many things in our lives and aspire for success in that. Everyone has fascination for success and glory in ones life. But things do not turn out in the way we dream about them as there are many factors which decide the outcome of our efforts and tasks which we had completed. So sometimes we may be getting the desired results of our hard work while at times we fail in our endeavours and feel dejected and discouraged. During this phase of life we sometimes start repenting on our approach and methodology of doing a task.. It happens with many of us that we simply start repenting on our deeds and feel guilty for all that happened to us and to our plans. But repenting will not help us as it would make us weaker and will adversely affect our present by discouraging us for doing the things in hand. So, I feel that repenting is a wastage of time and it is better to pull out oneself from that guilt and repenting and start doing the things in hand with new vigour and strength. Life is like that and there is no place for repenting or feeling guilty in it. Life is to continuously struggle ahead and not waste time. What do the members opine?
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    The author has written that we should.not repent, in his opinion repenting is waste of time but first we have to see why we repent? We try our best to succeed or achieve our goal but we do some mistakes or take some wrong steps or it happens that someone advises us but we don't accept his advise and rely on our planning and execution or for any other reason we dont get success - Now, Should we repent or not?
    First, we should realise what mistakes we committed- we rejected suggestions of others, we made wrong planning, we took wrong steps to execute our planning etc. I think a comprehensive analysis of failure should be done; and should confess our mistakes we committed - knowingly or unknowingly. Then we should repent but it should not be so deep that it overpowers us. Confession is also repentance and repentance demands expiation.
    And expiation is very clear that we should try again with new and fresh spirit.

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    Repenting over a failure will help us to realize the truth, mistakes we did, realization of self, and it bring out the reality of our failure. So in that way, repentance has a benifit of self realization. But if we take failures casually in life we can't rectify our mistakes. Similarly, pondering over the failure also have no value.

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    It would be better to take action than to repent now. Just as we start walking once and if we do not balance properly, then we will fall naturally, now if we fall after sitting in the same place, we will keep wondering why we did not make the balance well, or we Why not be cautious or anything else, just stopping in one place and thinking only and regrets will not achieve anything, we will have to stand back, and then have to step forward once, may be falling for a while but when Every time we increase our spirits, our capacity increases and eventually we become destined. Repentance will not prove to be beneficial in any way, whether it is for success in life or relation to a relationship. We cannot do anything without action, that's why we recognize our mistakes, if we want to rectify them ourselves, take the help of others as well but don't just sit in one place and shed tears of repentance, nothing will be gained from it.

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    One has to repent for the past mistake then only one can understand the mistake and corrections can be incorporated. Why the repenting has to come because, we have tor realize the past mistakes and that should not be carried out again. But I am stunned at the author observation that repenting is the wastage of time. If we do not repent then it is called the arrogance. Repenting is not bending down from our ego, but a good trait to which even our enemies would be appreciating. We should be down to earth person and not boasting of our actions and achievements but repenting is the great attitude and that keeps us sublime.
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    It is a situation where one cannot fully respond positively or negatively to the essence of the author's post. The headline should be seen as counterintuitive at first glance. But repenting is a good practice and it is the process of purifying the mind to realize the mistakes made. So, it is unacceptable to see it as a waste of time.

    If those repent of a mistake and repeating the same mistake or other similar mistakes and repenting to show off to others each time, it becomes only a wastage of time, as the author pointed.

    One realizes the mistake that has been made and repents with all one's heart. It is a good sign to all. Repentance other than that should be seen only as 'pull the wool over eyes. So it is not wrong to view such hypocrisy as a waste of time. Then a change in the headline is necessary. It can be rewritten as - " If not realize the mistake and repenting without sincerity, It is a waste of time".

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    Repenting now for some mistake or error committed , or opportunity missed, there is no use but it is actually spoiling our present time also.
    Instead, one should draw proper lessons from such things and correct or act properly in future.

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    Repenting is waste of time. I agree. But analysing the mistakes and understanding the reasons is very much required for not getting similar chances to repent. Many times we may be getting negative results. We may be in distress for some time. But slowly time will heal the wounds and we will become normal. But if we understand the reasons for the negative results we will not do it again.
    We will be doing new experiments in the laboratory when we are attempting new reactions. We expect the reaction to happen in one way but sometimes it happens differently. The whole research lies there only. Why the reaction went differently. Which factor contributed to that. How to change the path of the reaction is the research. The secret of success in our life depends definitely on our understanding of the mistakes and not repeating them.

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    Repenting on once mistakes makes us aware that they are indeed understand their mistake and have a desire to change and evolve. Even though repenting is not a solution but it helps you to channelise a solution. Whenever one performs an actions and repents it he/she will automatically learn from it and try to not perform the same action again. However one should not be only stuck into the realm of repent. Only repenting and not aspiring for change is for losers. Repenting is a waste of time if the person desire is to run away for the damage done and just regret but if the person believes in repenting and changing then it's worth it. Therefore, I believe repenting let alone is of no use however if repenting is the start of a journey to embrace and self improvement then it's great.
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    Repenting is a sign of giving up the struggle. A real warrior will never repent because he knows that there are ample chances and opportunities to fight ahead. His attention will be for the attainment of goals rather the weeping on the failures.
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