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    What three words can be your address, destination and rescue

    Recently there was a thread on word pair. But I am not saying about any triple words in that way.
    This is about an app or application software. I came to know about it yesterday only. I am telling about what3words app.
    The catch word on the app says 'Never get lost again'.

    In one You tube video about what3words app it is said that the whole earth is virtually divided into 57 trillion square 'boxes'. Every such box is a 3x 3 mtr location on the surface of Earth. Each such box is identified by three random words. Such a unique combination is never repeated. The house we reside may have many such boxed locations.

    So you can know the 3 words location address of your home, office etc. It is said that people have started using the 3 words in their address cards.
    So if one is lost at any place the app helps to trace the location and rescue. Similarly if one knows the destination what3words, then one can reach the place precisely. It is given that it is available in 40 languages.

    The app is available in Google play store too. Some of the latest model cars have this installed in them. Hope this app is a great help and use. Those who have used this may give their experience.

    Tailpiece: I cannot imagine the situation going to happen if a husband identifies his what3words location as : Drink; Dance; Girlfriend.
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    As we are deep penetrating into to more information sought and used, there has been constant innovation from the great minds as to how to help the mankind in many ways. Address, destination and rescue app can be helpful to those persons who have the habit for forgetting after the work done. For them going back to the past record may not be possible owing to many stress and obvious reasons, by giving the prompts for address , destination and rescue, they are making sure that their past works cannot go wrong and would be used for better living. So this app in a way would portray the inner behavior of the person either to not known to his family or friends and thus he can be found where he could be and this app can now be used by the law enforcing agencies if they want to find the wrong doer and his possible habits and hideouts.
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    What I sincerely feel is that a person's three names in full (Father - Mother -self) can be the best 3 words to locate and trace a person around the world.
    It is also easy. A north Indian won't have the name of south Indians. An Indian won't have the difficult to pronounce foreign names. Russian won't have the French name.
    For E.g
    A three word app would be - Rajagopalachary(Father) - Sornalakshmi(Mother) -Sundarajan(Self). ( There cannot be any duplication of this combination. If at all there is, it would be very rare) Adding the caste along with father's name would be an added advantage. Such a 3 word app would be easy to remember.
    For. Eg.
    Easwarakonar - Easwari - Devika
    Oliversmith - Elezebeth - Miranda

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    This is a very interesting piece of information shared by the author. What it tells is that our geographical location is now mapped digitally and coded to a three word unique pair. Once this three word is known to a person he can easily find through this app the exact place where he is being called or wants to know about. It is good that we have sufficient words to describe the 57 trillion squares on the surface of the Earth. It is given that each square is 3 x 3 meters which means the size of a store room or a small bed room in low income group houses. So identifying oneself with those 3 words would definitely a fun and if I know those words by using this app then definitely that becomes my identity and anyone using this app can make out the location of my place. Today we are giving our location to the people through Google map and that is quite convenient to all. In future people might start to give the location of their houses quoting the 3 word string to others. Let us see how this idea gets acceptance by the people.
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    The issues are becoming very simple day today. With the advent of technology, many difficult tasks are becoming easy. Communication technology is spreading its wings everywhere and it is becoming easy to communicate. GPS system for vehicle tracking and knowing the whereabouts is already in use. Now the author is talking about the GPS of human beings. what3words app is going to be useful for identifying the place where the individual is there based on the three words. I think this app may be very useful to the police in their investigations.
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    As Umesh has got it clearly, my intention of this thread was to familiarise a useful app. The 'what3wordsapp".
    I wanted readers to refer more and know more in this. I did not give the direct details as my intention was only make aware those not knowing about this app. I have not installed the app and hence could no give any firsthand experience.

    I am sure this is going to be a good useful app, as more and more car manufacturers are incorporating this in their modern smart cars.

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    What is the purpose of this app? There are thousands of app available on the internet I don't download any new app unless it is required or is useful for me. If anybody has installed this app may share his experience and it is expected from the thread starter.

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